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  1. M_J_Helin
  2. Al B
    Al B
    Retired Landscape Photographer
  3. Al B
    Al B
    Retired Photographer
  4. Yiannis Pavlis
  5. Giovanni
  6. Greg Fountain
    Greg Fountain
    My camera sometimes takes nice pictures.
  7. Aaron Macomber
    Aaron Macomber JimFox
    Hey Jim! I got a tip to come check this forum out, great to see lots of old familiar faces. I recently came back to FM, but its not the same over there.

    Hope you're well! - A
    1. JimFox
      It’s awesome to have you here Aaron! Yeah, things seem to be a lot different over at FM now, there is just a different feel. I like the friendly atmosphere we have been able to developer here. :)
      Dec 1, 2017
  8. Roguecoolman
  9. Darcy Grizzle
    Darcy Grizzle Teresa Gilbert
    go to the basic photography forum, and say hi. I am the first one to post in there as all these other people are Peter Lik's & Joe McNallys
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  10. Teresa Gilbert
    Teresa Gilbert
    I am PASSIONATE about photography and want to take mine to the next level. I'll need all the help I can get.
  11. Darcy Grizzle
    Darcy Grizzle Teresa Gilbert
    they will help you, we will both learn so much!
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  12. Darcy Grizzle
    Darcy Grizzle Teresa Gilbert
    yayayay I am so glad you are here girlfriend!
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    2. Teresa Gilbert
      Teresa Gilbert
      I've made the first step, now to figure out where to go next lol. Thanks, Darcy!
      Nov 2, 2017
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  13. msoomro
  14. Jim Dockery
    Jim Dockery
    Retired school teacher, avid outdoorsman (climbing/back-country skiing/kayaking/mt. biking/hiking).
  15. Shibu George
    Shibu George
    Every MOMENT is UNIQUE!
  16. Darcy Grizzle
    Darcy Grizzle
    I am an, I admit it, amateur! I am self taught, shoot on manual & raw. I love taking pictures for the joy of it!
  17. Darcy Grizzle
    Darcy Grizzle lightsgood
    Ahhh figured it out I think LOL
  18. Alan Zusman
    Alan Zusman
    A freelance photographer in the OC area of S. CA. Been shooting for over 20 years. The last 4 years I have been published. Glad to be here.
  19. Raina Wessen
    Raina Wessen
  20. JimFox
    JimFox Tom V
    Nice photos Tom
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