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    Birth of the Milky Way

    great image!
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    Bentonite Hills

    interesting abstract and great range of colors.
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    Western Bistort

    absolutely beautiful
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    Osprey Fishing

    excellents shots, great close up details of the osprey and occasional fish.
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    Beach this morning

    what a big difference in textures in the first image with the soft water and hard stripes in the jagged rocks. it grabs your attention and holds on.
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    Study in Motion

    wonderful dark tones
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    A Touch of Winter...

    beautiful light on the branches.
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    Stac Pollaidh

    i prefer the 2nd shot since it cuts out a lot of the extra and focuses more on the snow blowing off of the peak. but both are stunning.
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    Bamburgh Castle NE England

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    Columbia Basalts near Palouse Falls

    looks like steps going down to the river. great image, almost looks like some basalt columns on the right.
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    looks like 4 sisters but in typical sister fashion, the second on the left pushed the little one on the far left down. she probably borrowed something from her closet and didn't ask. again.
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    It Always Pays

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    The Lightning Road

    yup, worth the delayed eta. great lightning shot.
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    Autel gives DJI some Competition

    autel makes a great drone on paper. but it's a little less refined in the real world. the controller is pretty bad, i hope they updated it with their latest generation. it works, but the ergonomics suck and it just feels cheap. you get into a clencher of a situation and it feels like you...
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    Back to the woods!

    excellent woodland photos.
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