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  1. Bob


    Here is another snowy scene up Oak Creek canyon this morning. There must have been a foot of snow in the northern part of the canyon. C&C welcome. Bob
  2. Bob

    Another snowy Sedona Scene

    Here is another shot from last evening of a area called Mescal mountain. C&C welcome Bob
  3. Bob

    Sedona Snow

    Hey Everyone, Went out yesterday evening and caught a bit of sunset light on Lizard Head rock with snow. C&C welcome Bob
  4. Bob

    Snow in Sedona

    Hey Everyone, Have not posted anything in a long time. We finally got some weather to come through Sedona. Went up Oak Creek Canyon to do some photography. Hope I haven't forgotten how to shoot so here is a few images from this morning. C&C welcome. Bob
  5. Bob

    Fall Color

    Here is an image of some fall color in Oak Creek Canyon looking toward Sedona, Shot long before sunrise. C&C welcome. Bob
  6. Bob

    Oak Creek Color

    Hey Everyone, Here is an additional 2 images I captured in Oak Creek Canyon this morning. I would be interested in hearing what everyone thinks of these two images. Bob
  7. Bob

    Reds of Fall

    Hey everyone, Here is an image I captured in Oak Creek this morning. I would be interested in any critique. Bob
  8. Bob

    Colorado Color

    This is going to be my last in my series on color in Colorado. This was captured off CR 240. I really liked to barn and the color. All comments welcome. Bob
  9. Bob

    Silverton Colorado

    Hey Everyone, Here is another image from my Colorado trip which is a bit different. This is a night view of Silverton Colorado captured from the road just before you drop down into Silverton. C&C welcome. Bob
  10. Bob

    Star Burst

    Here is another shot from my trip to Colorado. Hope everyone likes it. Bob
  11. Bob

    Colorado Color

    Took a trip to Durango and the color was at peak just between Durango and Silverton. Here is an example. C&C welcome Bob
  12. Bob

    Milky Way

    Hey Everyone, You saw my image of the Grand Canyon sunset in the featured post which was facing north. That evening I shot the Milky Way in the opposite direction and the results is here. Let me know what you think. It was a pretty spectacular night when you have a truly dark sky. Bob
  13. Bob


    Here is a new spot overlooking the Grand Canyon that I came across. What an incredible view. I hope everyone likes the view. Bob
  14. Bob


    Hey Everyone, Here is an interesting capture two nights ago. It has a little bit of everything. Some lightning off in the distance a bit of the Milky Way showing through some clouds and of course Cathedral rock. I was out trying to capture the milky way and ended up with this. I would be...
  15. Bob

    Bear Mountain Strike

    Hey Gang, Was out shooting some monsoon storms and happen to catch a lightning strike hitting Bear Mountain. C&C welcome
  16. Bob

    Sunrise Buck Farm point Canyon

    Here is another image from Buck Farm point but this is the canyon itself with a hint of early morning light.
  17. Bob

    Another Buck Farm point shot

    Here is another shot from Buck Farm point. Although it has very little of the foreground the sunrise was a killer so I just shot the clouds. Let me know what you think.
  18. Bob

    Buck Farm Point

    Hey Everyone, Here is a capture of sunset at a place called Buck Farm Point in the Grand Canyon. This was captured yesterday evening at a very little known area just on the otherwise of the Colorado river from Tathatso point, C&C welcome
  19. Bob

    Padre Bay sunset

    Here is another image of the sunset from Padre Bay at sunset. You can see the smoke from the fire at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon in the image masking the nice light on the clouds. C&C welcome Bob
  20. Bob

    Padre Bay Lake Powell + Edit

    This is an image I captured yesterday of the Milky Way over Padre Bay and Gunsight butte on Lake Powell.
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