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  1. Dean

    DV.. it's been a year

    It's been a year to the day, March 6, 2020, that Bart and I ventured into the park to wander and shoot. Little did we know what was in store for us on the other side of the trip...What a crazy year it's been for everybody, so please continue to stay safe and do the best you can. Hopefully, we...
  2. Dean

    Mt. Fuji

    On a run to Fuji 2016. Crisp winter air and some pretty nice light :) All comments welcome and thanks for viewing regards, Dean
  3. Dean

    Walking while Winter..

    I hope everybody is enjoying the Winter and staying safe. After a few recent snow events, I headed up to Harriman State Park to walk around and take a few photos Here are a few of the images. All comments welcome and thanks for viewing regards, Dean #1 #2 #3 #4 #5
  4. Dean

    Adirondacks Winter edition #1

    So another excellent adventure with my compadre Bart.. Adirondacks winter edition We did a little winter camping in anticipation of a small storm and woke up to a winter wonderland. Here are the first few from the trip and a shot of the campsite as well as Bart enjoying the small fire we had...
  5. Dean

    Snow day in the Hudson Valley

    Happy New Year! Well, we finally managed to get a little snow on Sunday night so I went into Harriman for sunrise and then around the park for a few hours to capture some images while the snow lasted and the light remained soft. All comments welcome and thanks for viewing regards, Dean #1 #2 #3 #4
  6. Dean

    The Moon and New York City

    It's also the theme from Arthur ... The moon was setting up for a nice shot over lower manhattan last night so I went down to Liberty State Park to get this view. It's Lower Manhattan, the big bldg is the Freedom Tower and you can see the Brooklyn Bridge on the lower right. The bldgs in front of...
  7. Dean

    NY Moonrises +

    I went down to Liberty State Park in NJ Sunday night to shoot the Moonrise, for most of you who do not live in the area, it is in Jersey City and has great views of lower Manhattan as well as the backside of the Statue of Liberty (see reference pano). The better night would have been 2 days...
  8. Dean

    Foggy morning ..

    From a walk around one foggy morning last week. All comments welcome and thanks for viewing regards, Dean
  9. Dean

    My Maple..

    We have a beautiful Japanese Red Maple in the yard which holds on longer than most of the other trees.. I'm working on some new abstracts as part of the fall collection this year. For these, I was shooting with my Leica Q2 handheld. All the effects are created in-camera with a varying degree of...
  10. Dean

    The end is near...

    The last bit of Fall color for 2020 along the Ramapo River in Northern NJ early light, and fog All comments welcome and thanks for viewing. Regards, Dean
  11. Dean

    Once in a Blue Moon + some really good weed :)

    The Blue Moon setting this morning over the remnants of the fleeting fall in Harriman State Park.. what the heck thats not going to happen again for a while. I also got some really good weed yesterday morning and thought I would share with everybody.. I'm sure at this point everyone could use...
  12. Dean

    A few more from the Adirondacks.......

    Here are a few more from the ADK run before I move on to the images I'm getting here in the Hudson Valley. Since the fog and mist shot was popular from the last post here is another in similar conditions this one is on the Giants Ridge. I am also posting 2 from 2 different peaks I climbed.. and...
  13. Dean

    Adirondack Fall Splendor #1

    I hope everyone is enjoying their Fall shooting :) The Fall is in full swing here and I'm just back from another excellent adventure running around the Adirondacks with Bart. We had great conditions and a great time. I have so much to share I don't know where to begin so I will start with these...
  14. Dean

    Tranquility now....

    I hope everyone is doing well and remains safe and sound. I went up to the lake to poke around this morning and found this rather tranquil scene of reflected light from the pre-dawn sky and long exposure. All comments welcome and thanks for viewing regards, Dean
  15. Dean

    Acadia NP

    Its never to be early to be thinking of the fall. What I don't know is if I'll head back to Acadia this year just undecided at the moment. What I do know is that it was beautiful when I was there last fall.. not for the peak but after the peak for all the muted tones and colors. As I continue to...
  16. Dean

    Peters Kill after the storm

    We had a pretty crazy storm blow through here last week and I thought it might present a nice opportunity to capture some flows at Peters Kill on the Minnewaska preserve in New Paltz New York. Here is a couple from the run. All comments welcome and thanks for viewing regards, Dean #1 #2
  17. Dean

    White Sands.. I found a few :)

    I have been spending some time looking back at trips from the past and White Sands is a place I have been several times each trip amazing. The place is filled with possibilities. Here are a few I found from one of the runs. All comments welcome and thanks for viewing regards, Dean #1 #2 #3...
  18. Dean

    Let it Flow

    Isolated flow along the river that runs through Ricketts Glen in PA. All comments welcome and thanks for viewing regards, Dean
  19. Dean

    From the woods of PA

    I was looking for something else and came across this and thought hmmm I really should process this one.. turns out I liked it so here it is. Never too early to be thinking about the Fall right? This is one of the many beautiful waterfalls at Ricketts Glen in PA near Scraton. If you can make it...
  20. Dean

    Early at Boreas

    During the recent run to the ADK we went to a new spot along the Boreas River. We thought we might get some early color but instead, we were greeted with the beautiful thick fog typical of many mornings in the Adirondacks. I am posting 2 crops of the same shot. I always loved the way 6x17...
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