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  1. Kurt Harrigan

    A Morning View

    A scene from Donner Pass amid early morning light.
  2. Kurt Harrigan

    Late afternoon on Conway Summit

    Another image from my latest outing. Late afternoon light among rock outcroppings above Mono Lake.
  3. Kurt Harrigan

    Early light on the shore of Donner Lake

    A little bit of warm light on a cold overnight dusting of snow.
  4. Kurt Harrigan

    "Neige Moire"

    Beautiful patterns on Donner Lake from the previous night's snowfall.
  5. Kurt Harrigan

    "Mid-Winter Idyll"

    Topaz Lake and winter life under a morning inversion layer. 2-6-21 under a late
  6. Kurt Harrigan

    Morning View

    On a whim I took a hike into this area that is much less photographed as it doesn't have many tufa formations. I happened across these melt-outs from the previous storm that I thought looked interesting so I gave it a try.
  7. Kurt Harrigan

    Tufa among early morning steam fog

    A lone tufa tower shrouded in winter steam fog...
  8. Kurt Harrigan

    Moonlight on DeChambeau Ranch

    I took an early morning snowshoe in to do this image with both snow and moonlight together.
  9. Kurt Harrigan

    A Winter's View

    Late afternoon light falling across Mono Lake basin.
  10. Kurt Harrigan

    "Winter Shoreline"

    A morning idyll after an overnight snowfall. Donner Lake, Ca.
  11. Kurt Harrigan

    Morning Light on Donner Peak

    A little subdued light on a quiet morning.....Truckee, Ca. 1-15-21
  12. Kurt Harrigan


    Vibrant winter willows among dormant vegetation in the Mono Lake basin. January, 2021
  13. Kurt Harrigan


    How do you delete a thread?
  14. Kurt Harrigan

    Tufa Ice Rink

    Had fun capturing this freshwater ice layer amid some tufa towers.
  15. Kurt Harrigan

    "Winter Willows"

    A grouping of colorful willows on a cold winter day. Mono Lake Basin, Ca.
  16. Kurt Harrigan

    Walker Canyon by Moonlight

    I had a short window of opportunity before a storm front moved through the area so I decided to try this. The moon was at 37% which is at the upper limit of where I would like but I got a little extra shadow detail at the stars expense. The sky was shot with multiple exposures over 40 minutes...
  17. Kurt Harrigan

    "January 1, 2021 - Sunrise"

    A morning view from Donner Summit.
  18. Kurt Harrigan

    Early Winter Shoreline

    A simple winter idyll along the shore of Donner Lake.
  19. Kurt Harrigan

    Storm's End

    An image during a breaking storm from Lake Tahoe's east shore.
  20. Kurt Harrigan

    A Quiet Morning

    A very calm morning next to Donner Creek in Truckee, Ca.
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