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  1. sweetgrass

    Elements of life

    A little late as I've been setting up my new Mac. Here are some random moments rendered in B&W. #1 Legionaries. #2 A day at the ranch. #3 NM HWY 78. #4 Young AZ.
  2. sweetgrass

    Waldo's Juniper Revisited

    I posted the B&W version a while back, that turned out really well. But thought I would post the color version. Nikon D300 Full Spectrum, 470nm Nikkor 18-70 f10.
  3. sweetgrass

    Birthday Bouquet

    Been mostly at home watching my grandson, and had to get out on the bike yesterday. So havent had time to get out an shoot some IR. But my wife came home with some flowers for my daughters birthday tomorrow. So I wanted to experiment, with different WB, profiles and channel mixing, using the...
  4. sweetgrass


    I walked into our bedroom this afternoon and our two kitties were enjoying some quality time. So I went back to my office and grabbed the D300 and played around with the Lensbaby and the IR. I was able to get PS to recognize the new camera profiles I created following Amy's instructions once I...
  5. sweetgrass

    Winter Cacti

    After looking at Amy's FS images I thought I would do an experiment from the new Lensbaby in the cactus garden. Like Amy I tried some direct from the camera, one with a channel switch and minimal processing. One where I did apply the camera profile I created from a 590nm image. #1 Direct from...
  6. sweetgrass

    Windmill Spinning

    From the archives, taken somewhere near Bumblebee AZ way back in 2006.
  7. sweetgrass

    Torch Glow

    While dealing with cabin fever, I decide to take my FS converted DSLR, throw the old Nikkor 55mm Macro with no external filters with a custom WB preset and shoot our indoor Torch Glow Bougainvillea. I really didnt know what the outcome would be, but I didnt really expect images with what looked...
  8. sweetgrass

    Valle Caldera

    Took a drive to the Caldera last month as it can be interesting in the winter, but I wasnt very inspired this time. So I spent some time working this scene, however the color version just wasnt working for me. So I decided to convert, and I like B&W version better. C&C's are always welcomed.
  9. sweetgrass

    Feline Affair

    Just so the forum knows, I love cats. I know if they were larger, they would probably eat me. But they're not, and I share my home with them. I honor our contract, and therefore it is a very fulfilling relationship. Here are some of my favorites over the years. The King, was an awesome Maine...
  10. sweetgrass

    Micro/Macro Lens

    I am wanted to add a new lens to my array and initially decided on this one: However I came across this new to me type of macro, which is wide angle macro...
  11. sweetgrass

    Waldo's Juniper

    Went out to Waldo Canyon to experiment with the new to me AF-S 18-70mm and the 470nm filter. Colors were flat and with a storm rolling in it was very cloudy so no sunlight. The color image I shot was not doing it for me, so converted to B&W. For me it works much better this way. C&C's are...
  12. sweetgrass

    A Winter Storm

    In 2019 I took advantage of my day off from work, and a storm that rolled in. I thought these worked best in B&W. C&C's are always welcomed. The Ortiz The Sangre's Jemez is in the storm.
  13. sweetgrass

    KTM 790 R

    I spent almost two decades adventure touring on the big BMW R1200 GS's. So when KTM announced they were going to produce their 790 concept, they had my interest. In 2019 one arrived here at the local dealer and I demoed it. It was the unicorn of adventure bikes, and here is my not quite stock...
  14. sweetgrass

    White Oaks NM

    On the way home from White Sands I made a detour to check out this old mining town. C&C's always welcomed.
  15. sweetgrass

    White Sands

    I had this vision of shooting this location in FS, so I did an overnighter there. I had only been there one time back in the 90's and it was summer. I didnt really know what this place is about for most of the population. Needless to say I had to hike for several hours to find places that where...
  16. sweetgrass

    Loretto Chapel

    Exploring more archives, as its winter here and I'm sort of hibernating. These are some from a few visits to the Loretto Chapel near the Plaza. C&C's always welcomed.
  17. sweetgrass


    Did some minor adjustments to these images that I took in 2018 while at the NetApp Insight Summit in Las Vegas NV at the Mandalay Bay. I thought they fit best in the Abstract category. C&C's always welcomed.
  18. sweetgrass

    Cholla Forest

    Since I finally pulled the trigger on the new PS, I've been going through some of my archives and reworking them. This image was taken north of Scottsdale near Cave Creek in 2007 during monsoon. C&C's always welcomed.
  19. sweetgrass

    Vegas NV

    These were taken back in 2004, and decided to do some rework using the new PS and Luminar 4. C&C's always welcomed. I did a sky replacement using Luminar for this one. I thought the B&W worked best. Its a hydrant, but I like it. LOL
  20. sweetgrass

    Amarillo By Morning

    One of my other passions is motorcycles, which started when I was 9 years old racing AMA motocross. I've road raced, desert raced and put in many miles of enduro across 3 states. In 2005 I switched to Adventure Touring, and its been a most excellent journey. I have friends that do it globally...
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