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  1. Jameel Hyder

    Fire in the Tetons

    Thanks Alan. It was an experience watching it unfold. The whole day was pretty cloudy and this sunset was unexpected. Thanks Jim. I prefer the 2nd myself. Thanks Monika. Pretty scenic and iconic location. The conditions didn't disappoint. Thanks Jim. Pretty happy with that trip.
  2. Jameel Hyder

    A Morning View

    Nice winter scene - fresh undisturbed snow.
  3. Jameel Hyder

    One Frog's Point of View

    Cute. The frog has its own tripod it appears. A pretty colorful specimen.
  4. Jameel Hyder

    Couple from Olympic Peninsula

    Nicely done in B&W. My favorite of the two is the first, but both are done well.
  5. Jameel Hyder

    Canon Eos Ra (astro camera)

    Don't have any experience with it, but $700 would be a steal.
  6. Jameel Hyder

    Fire in the Tetons

    This is a good kind of fire - no terrible smoke to deal with. All the action provided by the Sun and the clouds. This was an action packed sunset. Presenting a couple of views. C&C Welcome
  7. Jameel Hyder


    What Jim D said - has a very dreamy look to it.
  8. Jameel Hyder

    Arizona Saguaros

    Great contrast between the ground and sky. Those dark sky B&W works so well. It has an IR look to it.
  9. Jameel Hyder

    Shooting competition at the Ben Avery shooting range, Az

    You nailed it Rick - great timing and panning action.
  10. Jameel Hyder

    Mt. Fuji

    Looks great in B&W - it is such a photogenic peak.
  11. Jameel Hyder

    A horse with no name...

    Both are nice. Won’t pick a favorite as I like them both.
  12. Jameel Hyder

    Death Valley

    Neat set. You have shot some locations which I haven’t visited. Thanks for sharing.
  13. Jameel Hyder

    Reflections in IR

    Thanks Neil.
  14. Jameel Hyder

    From behind the jagged rocks

    Thanks guys.
  15. Jameel Hyder

    Teton Sunrise

    That looks collllddd !!! Beautiful sunrise.
  16. Jameel Hyder

    Nice Clouds for Beverly

    That is an imposing cloud and nice colors to go with it.
  17. Jameel Hyder

    Flathead Lake Sunrise

    Nice winter image with the sunrise to match the cold look.
  18. Jameel Hyder

    Last fullmoon in Manzanar.

    Lovely set. The overall look in the first one is my favorite. The close up with the details in the moon in the last is next. Did you take any moving close to the fence to avoid that tower and fence?
  19. Jameel Hyder

    Thursday's Task - 03/04/2021

    Nice set Doug. Here is one of Falaknuma Palace in Hyderabad, India. Built by a noble during the time of the Nizam who ruled there prior to Indian independence, it was later acquired by the Nizam himself. Unfortunately photography is not allowed inside. It is an exquisite building. Here is an...
  20. Jameel Hyder

    Slow down, stop pushing

    That is really cool Rick. Is it underwater or through a glass?
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