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  1. dan swiger

    The old stone bridge

    After my wet-darkroom is up & running in a month or so, will see if I can print it like this!
  2. dan swiger

    The old stone bridge

    Winter 2016, Mamiya 7, Pan F
  3. dan swiger

    Thunderstorms over Hadrian's Wall

    Great tonal range & the wall leading you thru it. Superb!
  4. dan swiger

    DV.. it's been a year

    Dean, I was there 3 days later with a workshop! Amazing & varied dune shots you got. The 1st is my fave with the undulations
  5. dan swiger

    Death Valley

    Some great colors! Nicely seen Who says the desert is boring? I'm always surprised by the pallet of color
  6. dan swiger

    Thursday's Task - 03/04/2021

    From Moldova, Monastery Churci in Modova From the Civil War Battle of Shiloh grounds in Tennessee Shiloh church for which battle is named
  7. dan swiger

    Waterfall Wednesday 3/3/2021

    Triplets From a Kauai trip
  8. dan swiger

    Lone tree, frozen field

    Lots of stuff going on that supports the tree subject. Looks like a wall-hanger to me!
  9. dan swiger

    Cracked Open

    Wow, talk about a palette of color!
  10. dan swiger

    Just Passing by, I have only had the opportunity to visit Utah one time, I definitely want to go back.

    Sweet! I agree w/Jim Dockery on the B&W. Got some great tonal range in that image. BTW, when are we going to have a meetup out there? 🤔
  11. dan swiger

    WV Winter in (barely) color

    Beautiful images, from my dad's home state. I'm going to have to find an excuse to go back there! My favorite is also #3
  12. dan swiger

    Thursday's Task - 02/25/2021

    From a few scattered years Reliable deliveries Vacation Cottage Tangles
  13. dan swiger

    Waterfall Wednesday 2/24/2021

    Doug, thanks for details. Seriously, this was from a "big" raft trip, approx 200mi. in 2005 I've forgotten most of the details/landmarks The cool thing is we would go for hikes pretty much every day when we stopped. I would do it again if I can get my BIL cadre to step up!
  14. dan swiger

    Waterfall Wednesday 2/24/2021

    Somewhere along the Colorado River, Grand Canyon
  15. dan swiger

    Shooting in a Real Storm(TM)

    Sweet shot, I feel like I'm wearing it!
  16. dan swiger

    A bouquet of butterflys

    Amy, they cluster together to get warmth. I imagine that the cluster "allows" for the outer ones to have sometime in the middle. The main areas I've visited are Pacifc Grove & Natural Bridges in Santa Cruz
  17. dan swiger

    A bouquet of butterflys

    Taken Jan of 2007, Santa Cruz CA. Need to plan on going back next year
  18. dan swiger

    A Desolate Brick Road

    Love this Jim! Great diminishing view in such a short space
  19. dan swiger

    Thursday's Task - 02/18/2021

    Best time is early March
  20. dan swiger

    Thursday's Task - 02/18/2021

    Wow, that second one is like a painting!
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