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  1. Amy Earl

    Lone tree, frozen field

    A lone tree in a frozen field, taken from the roadside yesterday evening on my way home from work. Now that the days are getting longer, leaving at 5 is offering some nice sunset opportunities. I leave a little early if I see conditions are good from my office window. Last weekend's rain and...
  2. Amy Earl

    The Water Tower

    This is a water tower I pass by on my way to work. The silhouette of it on the horizon at sunset often makes me think of the aliens in War of the Worlds. I lucked out with the interesting clouds this evening.
  3. Amy Earl

    Portrait of a Tree in Winter

    Rather hard to title this one! This is another photo where I deliberated a lot on the crop and ended up really liking this one. This was taken on a frozen hilltop and since everything was covered in frost, black and white just seemed natural. C&C welcome!
  4. Amy Earl

    Stark Moonset

    Taken in the morning when the full(ish) moon was setting in the west over the Green Mountains and the sun was rising in the east. The sun was hitting that hillside full on and the moon looked big as it was nearing the horizon. This looks pretty neat in color too but I preferred the b&w because...
  5. Amy Earl

    Somewhere in Vermont

    Taken one evening as dusk was coming on. I played with this one quite a bit to draw out what I liked about it. I wasn't sure I was going to hang onto it but I liked how understated this little red house looked sitting back from the road in a big snow-covered field. I feel like this crop &...
  6. Amy Earl

    Partial view climbing Mt. Ascutney

    I've been regrettably absent on the forum lately due to a new job with a long commute. Finally got outside with the camera yesterday for a hike with my sister up Mt. Ascutney. Here's a photo that I particularly liked. C&C welcome.
  7. Amy Earl

    Golden Leaves

    Here's another close-up of frosty beech leaves last month. I'm wondering if I don't like this one better than the Gilded Leaf photo I posted a little while ago. Thoughts?
  8. Amy Earl

    Snowstorm in East Dorset, VT

    This is one of my favorite images taken in our town after the last big snow (38" in one night). Funny, I didn't notice it as particularly standing out among the other photos I took that day, until my mom chose that one to download for her jigsaw puzzle app that she's always using my photos for...
  9. Amy Earl

    Hairy Woodpecker

    Last week I took a break from work and my husband and I took a drive up onto a plateau nearby where there was/is a thick blanket of frost on everything. I brought my telephoto and luckily, this woodpecker was working on a tree by the roadside at one spot where we pulled over. A friend helped...
  10. Amy Earl

    New England Bird Collage

    Here's a video I made about 5 years ago. It's a collage of bird footage from around my parent's house. There are quite a variety of common birds from around here - finches, grosbeaks, robins, chickadees, blue jays. At the end there is a merganser. I shot it with my old Panasonic Lumix DMZ-FZ200...
  11. Amy Earl

    Epic snowstorm

    This is more of a documentary post. Last Wednesday night, southern VT and adjacent parts of NY got a record snowfall. A little over 3 feet of snow fell fast, thick and silently somewhere between 12am-6am. It had started to snow at 11pm when we went to bed, but it was a fine snow that didn't look...
  12. Amy Earl

    Gilded Leaf

    Taken on a frosty walk earlier this month. C&C welcome.
  13. Amy Earl


    Here's a handsome tree I noticed while at Otter Creek. It was well-laden with little round fruit/seed balls that were an orange color. @Douglas Sherman can you identify it? I played with the sliders for colors on the B&W panel in Lightroom CC, I think this may be a newer feature? I found I could...
  14. Amy Earl

    Vermont Farmhouse

    Here's a farmhouse on Rt. 7 just beyond the marsh area and across the railroad in East Dorset. It's tricky shooting landscapes around here during stick season but I thought some of the bare trunks on the hillside looked neat anyway. C&C welcome.
  15. Amy Earl

    Sleeping Destroyer

    I had titled this picture 'Crane at Dusk' but since it's a wrecking ball I had to come up with something more interesting - hence, Sleeping Destroyer :cool: Captured on a back road in the Okemo Valley area after I wrapped up shooting a property up there for work. C&C welcome.
  16. Amy Earl

    Frozen pond

    It snowed a little this afternoon, so naturally I took a break from work (working from home) to take some pictures. The pond was starting to freeze over and there were interesting patterns on the surface where big circles of snow had melted already. These looked best in B&W considering there was...
  17. Amy Earl

    Cloudy Day at the Marsh

    Yesterday I found a trail leading directly from my driveway to this new area of the marsh. It's a very nice trail and I'm excited to come back here with a telephoto lens I just ordered that will be arriving this week :D I saw a kingfisher fly through as I was arriving. It was a cloudy, gloomy...
  18. Amy Earl

    Serene Winter Stream

    From yesterday's jaunt after a new dusting of snow. I found a path around back of the marsh where I discovered some nice glassy reflections in a calm waterway. C&C welcome.
  19. Amy Earl

    Ducks at the marsh

    Here's one from 10/23 looking down the marsh one morning. When I arrived on the dam there were 3 different groups of ducks and the geese at the end there. There was one group in the narrow channel closer to where I was. When I showed up, they got nervous and swam down the channel and turned...
  20. Amy Earl


    On Thursday morning on my way to work I went exploring at Otter Creek , a wildlife preserve up the road here in southern VT. I didn't see any wildlife besides some chickadees. I found these husks of some plant in the tall grass at the trailside. Anyone know what plant this is? I shot this from...
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