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  1. dan swiger

    The old stone bridge

    Winter 2016, Mamiya 7, Pan F
  2. dan swiger

    A bouquet of butterflys

    Taken Jan of 2007, Santa Cruz CA. Need to plan on going back next year
  3. dan swiger

    Half Dome's kingdom

    This was taken just before the previous close in shot. Taken somewhere along the Merced. A "perfect" reflection would have been nice, but this one has some character Taken with a 1DsII, a "whole" 16mp!
  4. dan swiger

    Half Dome wears it's mantle well.

  5. dan swiger

    Band of Brothers

    This image is from the original negative that I found on Ebay. It's getting harder to find these treasures, but I have several now. Having the actual negative put's me there, in the photographer's eye. A photograph should tell a story. This one is from WWII in probably later Winter, 1945 . I...
  6. dan swiger

    Local B&W subjects

    From around Santa Clara County. Here a few that caught my eye Elegant Architecture Follow the road, where it leads you Restoration paused This old house
  7. dan swiger

    Best of 2020

    1. Winter Solstice at Pfieffer State Beach, The Rock - Hoping for a clear Horizon at Sunset, Sharing this spot with my BIL 2. Pfieffer State Beach, Glowing surf - Waiting for the sunsets afterglow. 3. Fly me to the Super Moon - Lake Elisabeth, wanting a clear sizable super-moon, the...
  8. dan swiger

    Bouquet of Leaves

    Since I haven't been able to go to Yosemite, was rummaging around the archives for something I overlooked. Found these Fall images from 2012
  9. dan swiger

    Chuck Yaeger's passing

    Chuck Yaeger "flew west" yesterday. He was 97 Here is a shot I took at an airshow at 2005 at Edwards AFB. Chuck Yaeger is chatting with the pilot in the P-51 Decided to do a gigapixel/crop
  10. dan swiger

    Bison Beefcake

    While driving up through the Yukon to Fairbanks, saw a lot of Bison. This guy looked like he was the man in charge.
  11. dan swiger

    Calle Lilly redux

    After seeing this venue on a large print at work, I had to find this place I have visited it a few times. Here are three takes from this scene. The 1st two were in 2009, shot with a DSLR @24mm The last one is from 2014 & is large format film Trying to catch the sunburst 2009 A few minutes...
  12. dan swiger

    Fallen comrades, WWII

    "WWII , 3RD US ARMY IN ROUAMONT FRANCE SOLDIERS GRAVES IN SNOW" The 3rd Army was led by General Patton, so these battle field graves are likely "tankers" I count 5 graves and a typical tank crew was 5. Note the shadows in the left foreground. One is probably the photographer. This was...
  13. dan swiger

    Calle Lillies in B&W

    I've posted the color image of this scene, but kept the collection of other captures that had a sunburst. Had to do a blend to tame the flare a bit.
  14. dan swiger

    Stripped bare

    From a few years back, returning from the Eastern Sierra via Sonora Pass. The leaves had been gone for a while here but the lighting & trees got my attention.
  15. dan swiger

    NEOWISE this morning

    This was taken from the Coyote valley, south of San Jose. Got up up to Metcalf park by 3:30. I should have done a recon in daylight to locate best viewing spot. As it turned out, it wasn't near to being overhead of Lick Observatory from my location. o_O I kept scanning the skies with...
  16. dan swiger

    View to a tree, beyond the fence

    I think my scene titling needs some more thought 🤔 This is my current "favorite" tree in the Coyote valley near home. I posted a B&W of just the tree @ 180 mm This is at 90mm equiv. Taken with my RB67 on Ektar
  17. dan swiger

    Flyover Bay Area Hospitals

    From Memorial Day morning, over local hospital Air National Guard birds for rescue
  18. dan swiger

    Take the turn at the tree

    Taken recently in the Coyote Valley near home. Shot w/RB67 on Ektar. B&W conversion with Silver Efex Color or B&W?
  19. dan swiger

    Some better color from Zabriskie.

    This was supposed to be part of pano, but the film stitch didn't work. The colors & light improved later that morning. Crop per Doug
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