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  1. Ken Rennie

    (not) Photographing snow in May

    I went to photograph snow that I could see from home. The forecast was for snow showers throughout the day so I decided that late afternoon should provide good light. Unfortuntalely the promised snow didn't show and the all day sun had melted most of the overnight fall. I enjoyed the walk though...
  2. Ken Rennie

    Waterfall Wednesday 5/5/2021

    Back at Dash Falls, my location for last weeks Waterfall Wednesday. This time the temperature was hovering around freezing. This image from about 1/2 mile away of the bottom half. Interestingly I took 6 images but only 2 were sharp. As I was taking them I was using live view zoomed in to 10...
  3. Ken Rennie

    Winged Wednesday 5/5/2021

    Eric images from the English Lake District about 30 miles from home. The small hawk is a kestrel, slightly larger than a merlin and common here whereas Merlins are not. Kestrels do a lot of hovering with spread tail and rapidly beating wings. Ken
  4. Ken Rennie

    Tonights location

    We have had very strange weather for the last 6 weeks. Almost no rain and below freezing temperatures every night and a cold North or North East wind keeping day time temperatures down into the 30s and sometimes below. Today I awake to a heavy frost and snow on the hills so I am off this...
  5. Ken Rennie

    A walk in the woods this morning

    Graeme it couldn't be more different here, bitterly cold overnight and waking to snow on the hills. I was going to ge bluebell hunting but may go for hike this afternoon to get snow capped hill shots instead. Ken
  6. Ken Rennie

    Winged Wednesday 5/5/2021

    A cold day last week out photographing waterfalls when I spotted the kestrel hovering. By the time I had clambered out of the stream and fitted a long lens it had moved much higher. Lots of fun trying to photograph it in a hail storm. I ended the day beside another waterfall with the dipper...
  7. Ken Rennie

    Tewet Tarn, Jan 2016

    A little chilly. I spent dawn on the lower shoulder of Blencathra to get a blue hour shot. It wasn't great but it was very icy and I only realised it when I got out of my car and needed to fit spikes to my shoes in order to stand up. Driving back down got me into a sweat when I realised just how...
  8. Ken Rennie

    Tewet Tarn, Jan 2016

    Clearing out images from my NAS drive, lots of rubbish and a few gems. This little Tarn with Blencathra in the background. I can see the opposite side of Blencathra from my house so use it to tell me what the snow conditions are and how clear the atmosphere is. Ken
  9. Ken Rennie

    Waterfall Wednesday 4/28/2021

    Last Thursday looked like a good day for a walk, not too hot or cold, blue skies, no chance of rain so we went to a little visited corner of the Lake District. I brought a camera, 16-35mm lens and a small tripod but didn't think that I would get any images. April has been very dry here, approx...
  10. Ken Rennie

    Tree in mist (meme)

    Thanks everyone for the comments and the featured landscape photo.
  11. Ken Rennie

    Tree in mist (meme)

    This image from Autumn 2017. It has lots of things that I find beautiful, mist, lone tree, hot/ cold transition. Ken
  12. Ken Rennie

    A video about beauty transcending images... What if Beauty.

    Isn't beauty a function of our reaction to the world around us? The beauty is in the viewers reaction to the object not inherent in the object itself. If everyone or almost everyone finds an object beautiful then we shortcut the language and say that the object is beautiful but if one person...
  13. Ken Rennie

    Trona Pinnacles

    Great composition
  14. Ken Rennie

    Waterfall Wednesday 4/21/2021

    The last 2 of my "fairly good" low key minimalist waterfalls. Both from Scotland, the good news for me is that the border is opening up on Monday so I can visit and stay overnight. Ken Inversnaid Falls, Central Scotland Fairy Glen, Highland Scotland
  15. Ken Rennie

    Waterfall Wednesday 4/21/2021

    Alan the flow of the water close to the rocks is spot on. The rest of the water needs to be shot a stop faster. My opinion anyway. Ken
  16. Ken Rennie

    Winged Wednesday 4/21/2021

    Still learning but getting happier with the images. Still at a local pond, sitting in the sunshine watching the wildfowl getting aggressive and amorous. Ken Aggressive Coot chasing a rival Over-amorous Drake chasing a mate who was not up for it. Young Coot
  17. Ken Rennie

    Borrowdale again on Saturday

    Back photographing my favourite little copse of trees. I may need to apply a little luminosity masking to tame the bright bark on the right hand side. Conditions were better than last week with a little high altitude cloud but the foliage still needs to develop so back in another week. Ken...
  18. Ken Rennie

    Winged Wednesday 4/14/2021

    Thanks for the tip Eric. This time I was more interested in focus modes. Ken
  19. Ken Rennie

    Winged Wednesday 4/14/2021

    Last week decided to go to a local pond to try and start to learn how to take bird in flight shots. The visit produced further evdence that it will take a long time to even become proficient. Lesser black backed gulls (I think).
  20. Ken Rennie

    Waterfall Wednesday 4/14/2021

    A couple from Ingleton in North Yorkshire used in my low key waterfall slideshow. Ken
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