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  1. Eric Gofreed

    Winged Wednesday 5/5/2021

    The only thing my Wing Wednesday are they have wings and they were photographed from a bout on Lake Pleasant, Arizona on the same margining Great horned owl Same Great horned owl nest from a slightly different angle Great egret pestered by gnats Snowy egret Clark's grebe Neotropic...
  2. Eric Gofreed

    Roadrunner with a tasty snack

    The scorpion's stinger can't penetrate the Roadrunner's bill but the mouth and throat are potential targets. The roadrunner ran to a flat rock and thrashed it to death before swallowing. Close up crop 1/4000 sec exposure makes it seem like he stationary when he's really running.
  3. Eric Gofreed

    I wish I was a little taller

    The desert cottontail, also known as Audubon's cottontail is a common rabbit. To live here they have to work for their food. The population builds up al year only to be reduce significantly when the raptor migrate through.
  4. Eric Gofreed

    Winged Wednesday 4/28/2021

    Roadie, the greater roadrunner is the star of 4 BBC specials and 2 Disney Nature videos. He will do almost anything for a mealworm... like flying from one perch to another. I have dozens of flight shots but coming at the camera is my favorite. To photograph Roadie: Elephant Head pond south of...
  5. Eric Gofreed

    Blue-eyed Darners

    Blue-eyed Darners
  6. Eric Gofreed

    Gila Monster

    The Gila monster is a species of venomous lizard native to the southwestern United States and the northwestern Mexican state of Sonora. A heavy, typically slow-moving lizard, up to 60 cm long, the Gila monster is the only venomous lizard native to the United States. Wikipedia
  7. Eric Gofreed

    Winged Wednesday 4/21/2021

    My contributions for today's Winged Wednesday are bird photographed in SE Arizona. Most were taken at Elephant Head Pond (south of Tucson) while sitting in ground-level blinds. Next week, will be Roadie, the million dollar roadrunner. The star of Elephant Head Pond, 4 BBC television specials...
  8. Eric Gofreed

    Western diamondback rattlesnake

  9. Eric Gofreed

    Winged Wednesday 4/14/2021

    Todays contribution for Winged Wednesday are three shore birds with long bills and a sandpiper Long-billed Curlew Marbled Godwit Wimbrel Pectoral sandpiper in breeding plumage on the Alaskan tundra. Chest puffed proudly displaying to attract nearby female.
  10. Eric Gofreed

    Winged Wednesday 4/7/2021

    non avian winged creatures are my contributions for Today's Winged Wednesday. Bee Fly long-horned Bee Clouded Sulphur Fiery Skipper Two-tailed swallowtail Flame Skimmer
  11. Eric Gofreed

    Winged Wednesday 3/31/2021

    I am traveling today and tomorrow so it’s Winged Wednesday on Tuesday. Some small water birds today. Red-necked Phalarope in breeding plumage, Alaska Red Phalaropes first attempt at copulation, Alaska Lesser Sand Plover is a is a very rare vagrant to the Lower forty-eight. It breeds...
  12. Eric Gofreed

    Winged Wednesday 3/17/2021

    My contributions for today's winged Wednesday's are grebes. Grebes are aquatic diving birds in the Podicipedidae family. Grebes have lobed toes, not webbed feet like ducks. I am traveling so my comments on you contributions will be a day or so late. Thanks to Doug Sherman, we are fully...
  13. Eric Gofreed

    Winged Wednesday 3/10/2021

    My contribution to Winged Wednesday is the cinnamon teal. After 9 years in Arizona, I final got photographs of this small, very shy, dabbling duck. Teals take to the air without warning at the blink of an eye. These selections are from a sequence of 15 photos that started before takeoff. I have...
  14. Eric Gofreed

    Best of 2020

    I am a bit late to the party. But here are 10 photos that represent my 2020 work Rufus Hummingbird and the Yellowjacket Red-legged Honeycreeper Harris's Hawks Golden Eagle Phainopepla Western Screech Owl Vermillion Flycatcher Northern Saw-whet Sandhill Cranes Sword-billed...
  15. Eric Gofreed

    Winged Wednesday 3/3/2021

    My contribution for today's Wing Wednesday are birds launching from water. I am have been very impressed by the quality of the photographs posted on Winged Wednesday and eager to see your work. Thank you for playing. Cinnamon Teals are common west of the Mississippi but they are also very shy...
  16. Eric Gofreed

    Hummingbirds on red yucca

    Calliope and black-chinned Hummingbird (composite)
  17. Eric Gofreed

    Coyote searching for dead fish

  18. Eric Gofreed

    Winged Wednesday 2/24/2021

    the theme for my contributions to Winged Wednesday is blue. The first three selections are North American birds and next three selections are Costa Rican birds. Woodhouse's scrub jay is a common bird of oak woodlands and piñon-juniper forests in the Southwestern States, Mexico and Central...
  19. Eric Gofreed

    Winged Wednesday 5/18/2021

    My contribution for today's Wing Wednesday are wrens found in Arizona, Maybe I should call it Wing Wrensday. Spoiler, Next week's theme for me will be birds that are blue. Bewick's wren in Manzanita Rock Wren on rocks (smile) Canyon Wren Pacific Wren Marsh Wren House Wren Cactus...
  20. Eric Gofreed

    Winged Wednesday 2/10/2021

    Just Osprey photo today. The first three photos are same bird and the fourth is just another osprey photo. Ospreys as species have been around for 11 million years. live for 15 to 20 years, are monogamous, migrate up to 4,000 miles over a 45 days, return to the same breeding grounds every...
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