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  1. Ken Rennie

    (not) Photographing snow in May

    I went to photograph snow that I could see from home. The forecast was for snow showers throughout the day so I decided that late afternoon should provide good light. Unfortuntalely the promised snow didn't show and the all day sun had melted most of the overnight fall. I enjoyed the walk though...
  2. Ken Rennie

    Tonights location

    We have had very strange weather for the last 6 weeks. Almost no rain and below freezing temperatures every night and a cold North or North East wind keeping day time temperatures down into the 30s and sometimes below. Today I awake to a heavy frost and snow on the hills so I am off this...
  3. Ken Rennie

    Tewet Tarn, Jan 2016

    Clearing out images from my NAS drive, lots of rubbish and a few gems. This little Tarn with Blencathra in the background. I can see the opposite side of Blencathra from my house so use it to tell me what the snow conditions are and how clear the atmosphere is. Ken
  4. Ken Rennie

    Tree in mist (meme)

    This image from Autumn 2017. It has lots of things that I find beautiful, mist, lone tree, hot/ cold transition. Ken
  5. Ken Rennie

    Borrowdale again on Saturday

    Back photographing my favourite little copse of trees. I may need to apply a little luminosity masking to tame the bright bark on the right hand side. Conditions were better than last week with a little high altitude cloud but the foliage still needs to develop so back in another week. Ken...
  6. Ken Rennie

    Borrowdale on Sunday with new images

    A short trip down into the Lake District to photograph the trees. Unfortunately I was too early as the trees have not woken from their winter sleep. The light was very harsh but I still like the spotlighting effect. Back in another few weeks to try and catch the lovely colours of the first...
  7. Ken Rennie

    Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year 2021 announced

    If you have a spare 30 minutes looking through the galleries will give you a glimpse of Scotland at its best, oh and I have an image in the landscape section.
  8. Ken Rennie

    More high key minimalism

    From the same misty morning in the English Lake District. I prefer this version and will try and produce a print on textured matt paper but handling so many tones that are almost white could pose a few problems. 2 versions, I prefer the lighter but this may change. I think lots of viewers may...
  9. Ken Rennie

    High Key Minimalism

    I am still working on this image but thought that you might like to see where I have got to. It will end as a print and will probably look a lot like a pen/ pencil drawing but I could change my mind. Ken
  10. Ken Rennie

    We are now allowed to travel, but not very far.

    I went down to the Lakes today and walked my favourite little walk. It has been raining for at least a week, so when the sun started to peek out it just started mist rising. Cold at 10 o'clock but almost 60F in the sunshine just after lunchtime. Photography not great but being out was terrific...
  11. Ken Rennie

    Glen Affric with new image

    I think that I have 58 images taken on this beautiful morning from Oct 2019. England's lockdown will be eased slightly on Monday but travel to Scotland remains illegal. If the rates of infection continue to fall I should be able to visit sometime in the summer, just in time for the midge season...
  12. Ken Rennie

    Garden flowers

    A bit dull and overcast here and still in lockdown so focus stacking flowers. I may need to get a macro lens. Ken
  13. Ken Rennie

    Gone to the wall (13 minutes of excitement)

    The 5th June 2020, the weather looked promising with towering cumulonimbus clouds giving brief periods of sunshine and short sharp showers, just right for photography. We were in the phase of Covid with low numbers of infections where it looked as though we were past the worst and it was only a...
  14. Ken Rennie

    Short AV of my low key mono waterfall images

    Hi everyone. You have probably noticed that I produce a lot of very dark low key waterfall images. I processed them to produce this AV for a fun "competition" at my camera club, it didn't win, in fact nobody voted for it. However I enjoyed producing it and have produced 5 or 6 high quality...
  15. Ken Rennie

    Blowing in the wind (and rain)

    Another image from North Yorkshire, January 2014 and it was as wild as it looks. Ken
  16. Ken Rennie

    North Yorkshire on a typical winter's day

    This area of North Yorkshire has typical Karst topography, huge caves, disappearing rivers suddenly popping back up and my favourite, limestone pavements with deep fissures and thorn trees seemingly growing out of the solid rock. This image from January 2014, cold and wet. Ken
  17. Ken Rennie

    Quarry Beck again

    Wednesday's exrecise on bike wearing wellies and with a tripod tied to my bike. The water has slowly subsided allowing texture to show within the stream. I have been shortening my exposure times recently in little streams like this. 1/4s @27mm. I don't think that I can get any more out of this...
  18. Ken Rennie

    Thunderstorms over Hadrian's Wall

    I have posted colour versions from here, during this storm however this is a new previously unprocessed image. Lots of raindrops removed from this panorama. Ken
  19. Ken Rennie


    Rockcliffe SW Scotland. A day trip destination when our children were young with gently shelving sand, rock pools and houses that I would have liked to live in. Then I couldn't because it was too far to schools and work and now because it is too far to a doctors. Ken
  20. Ken Rennie

    St. Stephen's Budapest

    This is a multi shot hand held pano, hand stitched as no program could handle it. My wife and I had cycled down the Danube to here, she is wearing the hat. Fairly easy cycling, good weather , but the languages were impossible, we had to rely on my poor German and mime. Ken
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