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  1. Debbie Stahre

    Meya a green-naped rainbow lorikeet.

  2. Debbie Stahre

    Tiger On the Prowl

  3. Debbie Stahre

    Eagle in the Woods

    The eagles can often be seen late springtime in this heavily wooded area running above a split stream that empties into a creek where the herring run. A narrow, curving road runs uphill to to an opening where you can see the valley below and a couple of dead trees are convenient landing spots...
  4. Debbie Stahre

    3 Dogs in 3 Months

    Living with my brother and his wife, as the pandemic was winding up last year, we lost 3 of our cherrished pet dogs in 3 months to old age. #1 Sophie Bear my 13 year old Newf. #2 Obrien, a chihuahua mix that my sister-in-law rescued years ago, placed with her daughter and ended up with him...
  5. Debbie Stahre

    Proud Catch

    Years ago, I was caring for an aviary while the owner was away and this collared aracari that I called "Ari" put on quite a proud show for me with his catch when I went to feed him. Collared aracaris (the c is soft) are a playful, smaller toucan that originates from South America.
  6. Debbie Stahre

    Head Shots

    A catalina macaw is a hybrid which sometimes occurs in the wild. This cross between a scarlet macaw and a blue & gold macaw was in a breeding program in Florida. Moluccan cockatoo "Sultan". Also called salmon-crested cockatoos. They are native to Indonesia. Sultan was domestically raised.
  7. Debbie Stahre


    She was my Maine coon. Hanging over the top of the kitchen cabinets was a favorite pastime...My sister-in-laws previous boxer killed her so I haven't had any cats since.
  8. Debbie Stahre

    Knock, Knock, Knocking!

    Every morning, this guy is drumming the metal on this pole that holds an old antenna just 3 feet out from the house. Yellow-bellied Sapsucker
  9. Debbie Stahre

    Sophie Bear and Keller Mae

    I've always had a variety of wonderful dogs through my life, but Sophie was "one in a million" and truly a perfect shooting buddy. She was a Newfoundland that I lost last year at the age of 13. One of her many faces caught on camera... 10 weeks old, in the snow... Got leash? Always the...
  10. Debbie Stahre

    Killer Hummer

    I wasn't prepared for this event, so these are really poor quality photos, but I wanted to show what nasty little birds these guys can be...
  11. Debbie Stahre


  12. Debbie Stahre

    One for Rick to name...

    Bubbles floating down a tiny stream in the leaves...
  13. Debbie Stahre


    This jay with a severely damaged beak visited feeders in Franklin, Maine for at least 3 years. It had adapted to scooping up food at an angle into it beak and appeared to be doing well. Leucistic Junco. Photographed in Hancock, Maine...
  14. Debbie Stahre

    Honey Bee

    When I first moved to Maine, my brother and his wife convinced me to enter some framed photos in the annual county fair. I balked at it, but ended up putting some in. This is one of 5 that received Blue Ribbons.
  15. Debbie Stahre


    I often notice how birds and animals think you can't see them hiding behind a single small branch or a blade of grass...
  16. Debbie Stahre


    Fooling around with floating flowers in the lake as small waves rippled across the lake...
  17. Debbie Stahre

    Another Eagle With Duck

    I came across this shot in my archives of another eagle that I captured as it took a duck.
  18. Debbie Stahre

    Blue Jays

    Here are 3 of the 8 blue jay images I just posted to my bird album...
  19. Debbie Stahre

    One Frog's Point of View

  20. Debbie Stahre

    Immature Bald Eagle

    This eagle was right beside the road, but I had to inch my car slowly to find a clear shot through the big pine branches that it was tucked behind.
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