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  1. sweetgrass

    Hanging Out by Mt Wilson

    Very nice! Dig the green meadow, wild flowers, the majestic peak along with storm clouds in the background and the two equines is such a nice touch.
  2. sweetgrass

    I dream of talking Bunnies

    The explanation behind the title of this image is. My daughter had an Alice in Wonderland type dream, where she met a talking bunny and had a brief conversation with it. In the dream she saw a scene very much like this one, and during a hike last weekend I saw her looking at this beautiful...
  3. columbine_sun-1


  4. sweetgrass

    Columbine Trail

    Hey Jim! I am working with an award winning songwriter on a finished piece that needs vocals. We'll see where it leads, as he has been looking for the right vocalist for sometime now. So its kind of an audition in a sense, but I'm throwing my hat in the ring and giving him my take on the melody...
  5. sweetgrass

    Columbine Trail

    Thank Ben, it was good to get out and do some imaging. :)
  6. sweetgrass

    Templar Church 13thC

    Dig the mood here Graeme, and good choice on the B&W.
  7. sweetgrass

    Around Mammoth

    Nice images, but the Lunar Falls is absolutely beautiful!
  8. sweetgrass

    Mammoth Terraces

    Beautiful image Alan!
  9. sweetgrass

    The Rafael Fire near Sycamore Canyon and Sedona, AZ

    Like Ben said. :(
  10. sweetgrass

    Columbine Trail

    I've been working on a music project, so haven't been spending time with my cameras. But over the weekend did a camping trip into the Carson National Forest with the family and work with my IR camera. All shot at 590nm, some channel swaps and some not, with a B&W conversion.
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  12. columbine_trail-1


  13. columbine_trail-2


  14. columbine_trail-3-BW


  15. sweetgrass

    Couple of Wrecks

    I really dig the B&W conversion, and at least the sky image is one of yours. ;-)
  16. sweetgrass

    Shades of white

    You have got this down Jameel!
  17. sweetgrass

    IR Cows

    Very cool, and lovely composition. Nice work!
  18. sweetgrass

    Cedar Creek in 720nm +edit

    Interesting that you used a 720nm filter on a camera converted to 590nm, is this something that others have used?
  19. sweetgrass

    Left Behind

    Dig the colors, lighting and composition Tom. Nice work and I need to get back to Canyon De Chelly soon.
  20. sweetgrass

    Last nights sunset I-phone

    Cool sunset Ben, it has the look of a painting actually. I have yet to do anything with the images I have taken with my Pro Max. But to use ProRAW, go to Settings/Camera/Format then turn on ProRAW.
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