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  1. Ben Egbert

    Old Pavilion Campground

    Nice atmosphere in this image. Is that your RV? Airstream perhaps or Avalon?
  2. Ben Egbert

    A View from the Gros Ventre

    I came home after that trip and re-watched Shane. I don't think I even realized it was shot in the Tetons the first time I watched it which must have been 50 years or more ago.
  3. Ben Egbert

    Vote for Let's Play #55

    Did you look at the percentage shown? Funny math
  4. Ben Egbert

    Vote for Let's Play #55

  5. Ben Egbert

    Pink thunderheads

    Really nice sunset.
  6. Ben Egbert

    Vote for Let's Play #55

    Need some tie breaker votes
  7. Ben Egbert

    Wish Nilo a happy birthday

    Today is Nilo's birthday. Please join me in wishing him a very happy one. @Nilo Photography
  8. Ben Egbert

    A View from the Gros Ventre

    Love that view Alan, very nice rendition of it.
  9. Ben Egbert

    The Monsoon is Here.

    Wow, that is some drama you have there Douglas.
  10. Ben Egbert


    Very nice IR image. Looks well used
  11. Ben Egbert

    Devil's Backbone

    Great sunset Jim, good place to run it looks like.
  12. Ben Egbert

    Prenumbral Lunar Eclipse - July 4th 2020 - Info

    Looking forward to seeing what you get. Are you going for a milky way too? ;)
  13. Ben Egbert


    Sure looks man carved. How large is it? Is this just something you found?
  14. Ben Egbert

    Small rural scenes, pt 3

    Very similar images, maybe a nod to the second.
  15. Ben Egbert

    Morning Hugs

    Nice one Alan.
  16. Ben Egbert

    The recipe #48 Brilliance

    This is one of my more brilliant images, hope it qualifies.
  17. Ben Egbert

    Blue and gold

    Ok, I recall it and have driven it a few times, once I got back to the highway from there by driving south. I still want to spend a night up there and try a sunrise shot looking back at the Skyline ridge.
  18. 200608-13739-5DS R.jpg

    200608-13739-5DS R.jpg

  19. Ben Egbert

    Blue and gold

    Wow Rick, you must have eagle eyes, or just know that road is there. I assume you are not speaking of Cow Dung road, which is probably behind some of those bluffs in the mid ground. Where does that road lead and was it photogenic?
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