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  1. Raymond

    Waterfall Wednesday 9/29/2021

    Are those shots from different people in the same gallery? Although both are superb shots, it sure leads to confusion as to who is who! I have several shots of waterfalls, can I post them in this gallery too? Maybe I should I guess!!!
  2. Raymond

    Fall in the Eagle Nest Wilderness

    Very beautiful shot
  3. Raymond

    Modern lifestyle

    A question of taste I guess! She's gorgeous but that ink ... oh well, it's her body! Gorgeous portrait
  4. Raymond

    She wants the apples

  5. Raymond

    Pepe le phew!

  6. Raymond

    It rained

    I still don't know all the intricacies of your program, but why is someone able to download his images on MY post? (ie: Ken Rennie on this post!) It takes away from my image as I see a big difference in the presentation and quality between the two! If Ken wants to post an image, he can...
  7. Raymond

    It rained

  8. Raymond

    Sunday Gardens

    So beautiful
  9. Raymond

    He stole my shades

  10. Raymond

    Rose apples

    Wherever there was a rose, after the flower had died and fell off, the buds developed into those small apples
  11. Raymond

    Rose apples

  12. Raymond

    Bentonite Hill Sample

    Wow, amazing
  13. Raymond

    Sunday Gardens

    Beautiful place, great shot, well composed
  14. Raymond

    Fall Color Reports - 2021

    In a couple weeks or so, here will be THE BEST place for Fall photos, can't wait to go shooting, it's just started to change colors, just waiting for the first frost to happen.
  15. Raymond

    Wake Up and Smell the Flowers

    Beautiful shot
  16. Raymond

    Woolyback Sunset

    Gorgeous shot
  17. Raymond

    Palouse waves

    Beautiful shot
  18. Raymond

    Hawk posing

    Wow, so beautiful
  19. Raymond

    Out for a Morning Stroll

    Beautiful little coyote, great catch
  20. Raymond

    My Lillie

    A very beautiful shot
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