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  1. JimFox

    Just a Rose

    Thank you Eric!
  2. JimFox

    Just a Rose

    Sometimes I get the urge to photograph one of the roses in the yard. All comments are welcome, Jim
  3. JimFox

    A More Complete Look at my Best of 2021

    Thanks Alan! I found some new music on YouTube that I thought worked well.
  4. JimFox

    Bird Sanctuary Camera Lens suggestions

    What do you have in the way of a longer zoom? That could be handy if they are flying. And what a fun experience that will be.
  5. JimFox

    A More Complete Look at my Best of 2021

    I have been having a few friends making fun of me at finally putting out my Best of 2021. :) I know 2022 is almost over, but better late then never is my motto here! 👍 It's a 10 minute recap of 2021, and this isn't really all of my favorites or best photos, but if I put them all into a video...
  6. JimFox

    SH2-174 Valentine Rose - planetary nebula

    Wow! This looks so awesome! This is a really dim object! You sure did a great with this, and I totally get having to babysit the guiding, I have experience that too.
  7. JimFox

    Lobster Claw

    Where are you located at again?
  8. JimFox

    Jaguars of the Pantanal

    Great images here Marcy! A Jaguar is such an exotic animal! I remember reading stories as a child and there would be jaguars in them. I always had a sense of mystery around them, and here you were able to capture some! That's so awesome.
  9. JimFox

    Jaguars of the Pantanal

    How interesting Marcy! For you to have been out in a boat, totally out in the wild must really add an level of excitement while out there I would imagine?
  10. JimFox

    My best lightning photo of the season

    Wow Matti! What a very cool storm. Now that's great perseverance! Good work on this!
  11. JimFox

    Thursday’s Task

    What a great subject John! I am still looking for my Rainbow photos for last weeks Task, but thankfully this was an easy one for me. :) Huntington Beach Huntington Beach By Morro Rock in Morro Bay Bandon Beach of course. My favorite beach in Oregon.
  12. JimFox

    Fall Coming to the Homestead

    It's sure looking great there Monika!
  13. JimFox

    Portugal - Palace of Monserrate, Part II

    Wow Lenny! That is just amazing! The creativity in the design is so cool. And back then there was no 3D Autocad to plot it all out before hand. Your first one made me dizzy! That is some creative photography to go along with the creative design!
  14. JimFox

    Bighorn on Wild Horse Island

    Love the edit Kyle! It's funny sometimes how just one little thing like a blade of grass can become a destraction.
  15. JimFox

    Minnesota Loon - Part 2

    Wow Bob! You are working our state bird really well! I like how you got it from every angle.
  16. JimFox

    Waterfall Wednesday 9/28/2022

    This is from 2019 on the trail to hike up to Skypond in RMNP. It's a super cool hike, 5 miles each way, and you have to climb up through a waterfall to get up into the basin where Skypond is located. Lot's of fun!
  17. JimFox

    Waterfall Wednesday 9/28/2022

    Lot's of possibilities here Ben!
  18. JimFox

    Smoke On The Water

    Very cool Bob! I like that glow in the sky. I think #1 is my favorite with the way it's balanced. And it's great that your wife has your back! So it looks like some trees are starting to turn color. I sure hope I am not too late getting there in another 7 to 10 days.
  19. JimFox

    Murder in the Schoolyard

    Wow Alan.... I made sure I was sitting down before I opened your thread as I wanted to make sure I was ready for the grisly photos that were to come... 😭 So I was releaved to find out it was just crows! :) A very good use of your drone. It's interesting seeing the interactions. I sure hope...
  20. JimFox

    Skyline Overlook Milky Way

    Thanks Jameel. It's a single shot, well 2 single shots to do the Pano, a left side and a right side.
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