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  1. Jameel Hyder

    Valley floor

    Thanks Alan. That place has a lot to explore.
  2. Jameel Hyder

    Little Spout

    Really nice light and good timing on the spout action.
  3. Jameel Hyder

    Waterfall Wednesday 3/22/2023

    Deception Falls in the Cascades.
  4. Jameel Hyder

    Valley floor

    Thanks Jim. It is fun to explore the patterns with a drone to find what you like. Thanks Ben.
  5. Jameel Hyder

    Recent Sunset

    Neat colors in the sky for this sunset.
  6. Jameel Hyder

    Morning on the coast

    Thanks Ben Thanks Alan. Your backyard, kind of. Thanks Jim
  7. Jameel Hyder

    Valley floor

    The blue valley or the skyline overlook. This was close to sunset with the part of the valley in shade and part in direct light. This is with a drone looking straight down. C&C Welcome.
  8. Jameel Hyder

    A Moon Flare Up

    Nice moonlit scene.
  9. Jameel Hyder

    Peridot Mesa-AZ

    That looks like peak wildflower season there.
  10. Jameel Hyder

    Columbia River Panorama

    That looks pretty good from this vantage point. It will look even better with a nice sunrise/sunset.
  11. Jameel Hyder


    The clouds provide a nice backdrop for this.
  12. Jameel Hyder

    Bentonite Hills

    Thanks Alan. The possibilities are endless with a drone up. Thanks Ben. Thanks Jim.
  13. Jameel Hyder

    Organ Pipe National Monument, AZ

    Both are very nice Doug. Hard to chose a favorite.
  14. Jameel Hyder

    Bentonite Hills

    From a trip late last year. I have quite a few images from this area which I had put off processing. This is one of them captured with the drone. The popular perspective is looking straight down, this is one of the exceptions. C&C Welcome
  15. Jameel Hyder

    Kalaloch Clouds

    Nice color show. I actually like the subtle colors 'facing the wrong way'.
  16. Jameel Hyder

    Spring Blooms in the Tea Garden

    Nothing says spring better than lush greens to go with colorful blooms.
  17. Jameel Hyder

    new and different views of landscape

    Interesting effects with this approach.
  18. Jameel Hyder

    Mt Baldy

    Amazing reflection and atmospherics in this, Ben.
  19. Jameel Hyder

    Sunday Sunset/Sunrise - 03/19/2023

    A couple of mine - both from Oregon coast. Cape Kiwanda Brookings
  20. Jameel Hyder

    Salvage Saturday

    Good to know there are improvements. I have been mulling on whether to upgrade. Will definitely download the trial and try some difficult images with it.
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