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  1. Jameel Hyder

    Moon and Clouds

    Thanks Alan. I always carry a long lens for landscape, often time don't use it but when you find something worthwhile it is there. Thanks Ben. Thanks Jim. Thanks Bart
  2. Jameel Hyder

    Parliament building in Victoria, BC

    Thanks Ben.
  3. Jameel Hyder

    Parliament building in Victoria, BC

    Thanks Alan. The harbor is an area worth exploring at night.
  4. Jameel Hyder

    The meadows in B&W

    Nice conversion Ben. Like Alan, I prefer the color version however.
  5. Jameel Hyder

    Moon and Clouds

    From a trip to Zion. An early morning shot after the sunrise with a long lens. C&C Welcome
  6. Jameel Hyder

    Hot Creek

    What Jim D said. Great sky and that stream reflecting the sky takes this to another level.
  7. Jameel Hyder

    Winged Wednesday 8/12/2020

    Great images Eric. Good details on the heron, Alan. Mine is even more mundane.
  8. Jameel Hyder

    Waterfall Wednesday 8/12/2020

    A section of Nooksack falls near Mt Baker.
  9. Jameel Hyder

    Wind Down

    Persistence pays off. Lovely image Steven.
  10. Jameel Hyder

    Brittany's Lighthouses

    Three beautiful images. Like the lead in with the path to the lighthouse in the first one. The light and the long exposure in the second is gorgeous and the receding water line in the third draws one into the image.
  11. Jameel Hyder

    A Soggy Day for a Hike

    Your signature shot Alan. Love the feel of the place, nicely captured.
  12. Jameel Hyder

    An aha moment

    Like the composition Ben and a reflection with still water. Clouds or not, the image works. I don't believe you need an excuse to go back after scouting the place for 9 years.
  13. Jameel Hyder

    Parliament building in Victoria, BC

    Ran into some unprocessed raws from over a decade ago and processed them, back when I was using the Canon 1Ds II. Still like those files as long as they are not high ISO. C&C Welcome Late evening A couple of night shots
  14. Jameel Hyder

    Winner(s): The Recipe #50 - Into the Sun (4 way tie)

    The ingredient this week was Into the Sun. We have a 4 way tie this week with 4 votes each. The winners are @AlanLichty, @Ben Egbert, @Douglas Sherman and @Jameel Hyder. Congratulations to the winners. Here are the winning entries. Alan Ben Douglas Jameel
  15. Jameel Hyder

    More Christmas Meadows. (+ edit)

    meant to say fine work with the edit.
  16. Jameel Hyder

    Sunday Shenanigans #2

    Well, not Sunday anymore, so late to the party. One thing I don't do at all, unless something catches my eye while I am out and about is street photography. This is from the Victoria harbor in British Columbia. I was getting set for sunset on the harbor and this guy was putting on a show.
  17. Jameel Hyder

    Thinking of a new desktop

    Sure thing Kyle. Eagerly waiting - it’s in the build stage now. If you want me to run a test raw of 187MP on it, I’ll be happy to.
  18. Jameel Hyder

    Crystal Mill - Post Yours!

    I don’t have one Doug so I’ll just enjoy them. Like the rich colors you have with the warm foliage and the water.
  19. Jameel Hyder

    Capulin, NM

    I like your composition with the volcano and the building balancing out. The warm foreground is a nice contrast to the blue sky and clouds.
  20. Jameel Hyder

    Stories From (a) Jackass

    Nice set Monika. And a great back story. My favorites are the first and the last.
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