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  1. Jameel Hyder

    Red Rocks Park under Fresh Snow

    Good thinking on the crop. I like that better.
  2. Jameel Hyder

    Early morning blues

    Thanks Alan.
  3. Jameel Hyder

    Two Blue Heron Nests

    Nice shot of the nests with the young ones.
  4. Jameel Hyder

    Nice Home on the Hill

    The colors are classic Colorado. Nicely nestled house with a great view.
  5. Jameel Hyder

    White-browed Coucal, Centropus superciliosus

    Very nice. I like how the empty sky and the foliage works for this image.
  6. Jameel Hyder

    Early morning blues

    This is from couple of years ago with my Air 2s. Taken near my Sammamish home on a feb morning. C&C Welcome
  7. Jameel Hyder

    The Sun Came Out Yesterday

    Nice. It was nice and sunny yesterday here as well. Today started off foggy but cleared up and not a cloud to be seen now. The weekend brings the rain back.
  8. Jameel Hyder

    Ohkay Owingeh Pueblo Girl

    Nice portrait and equally nice rendering.
  9. Jameel Hyder

    Hoodoo Family

    Very nice Michael. Is the foreground curvature a wide angle effect ?
  10. Jameel Hyder

    Skagsanden S-Curve

    Another stunner Kyle. The purples and greens complement each other here.
  11. Jameel Hyder

    Thursday’s Task

    Sunrise, Mono Lake Sunset, Arches NP and everything in between. Mid day - La Sal Mountains, Moab
  12. Jameel Hyder

    Vikten Coastline

    Another very nice location. You really scored on this trip Kyle.
  13. Jameel Hyder

    Cat's Eye Nebula - NGC6543

    Interesting object. Since the core is where the action is, woudn't a tighter crop bring it front and center?
  14. Jameel Hyder

    A Wet Rose

    Very nice. The wet rose stands out against the dark background. Congrats on your new toy.
  15. Jameel Hyder

    Ohkay Owingeh Pueblo Deer Dance Ceremony

    Definitely looks like a scene from a distant past. Nicely done.
  16. Jameel Hyder

    It Grew

    Not quite recognizable especially with the B&W treatment
  17. Jameel Hyder

    Reine Morning

    Just gorgeous. Like the soft pastels, reflection and the fresh look of snow.
  18. Jameel Hyder

    A gorge sunrise

    You should Jim. And take your drone too as you can get some compositions not possible from the ground.
  19. Jameel Hyder

    A gorge sunrise

    Thanks Alan. I knew you would know the exact GPS coordinates for where I shot this.
  20. Jameel Hyder

    Waterfall Wednesday 2/21/2024

    Somewhere in Vermont, an unnamed falls.
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