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  1. Dale Berlin

    Autumn Meadow

    Autumn meadow at one of my favorite stomping grounds. Glacier Ridge Metro.
  2. Dale Berlin


    Very nice Joe
  3. Dale Berlin

    Crescent Lake Symmetry

  4. Dale Berlin

    Pleiades Star Cluster - 20200925

    Thats beautiful Jim. Those stars were all born together.
  5. Dale Berlin

    Vestrahorn at Midnight

    Very nice
  6. Dale Berlin

    FINALLY a Couple Clear Nights - The Heart Nebula (maybe my best one yet)

    Super shot CJ just stunning. As you know those photons traveled for 7500 years just to create this image.
  7. Dale Berlin

    Friday's Focus - 2020/09/25 - Arches

    Yet another Delicate Arch
  8. Dale Berlin

    Misty Reflections

    Thats a keeper
  9. Dale Berlin

    Morning light (with edit)

    Wonderful landscape Ben. If I was to try something different, it would be cropping just below the red, but this is super image as is.
  10. Dale Berlin

    Stornetta Rocks

    Beautiful image
  11. Dale Berlin

    Evenings Pleasantries

    Nice one Amy
  12. Dale Berlin

    Abstract 3

    Thank you Alan Thanks Jim, great minds think alike lol. Hey Jeff, thanks AWWWW SHUCKS, Thank You Thanks Jim. Thats what I like about sand and wind. It looks like it did 10,000 years ago. Thanks Monika you chicken. Thank you Amy.
  13. Dale Berlin

    Abstract 3

    It was like walking in a sand blaster that morning. Wearing cheap sunglasses I hiked the dunes with camera and lens wrapped in a towel at end of the tripod. A very enjoyable surreal morning!
  14. Dale Berlin


    Well done
  15. Dale Berlin

    Michigan UP

  16. Dale Berlin

    Blue Canyon, AZ

    Very nice
  17. Dale Berlin

    Updated image with Sigma 100-400 and A7R4

    Beautiful light, and well processed.
  18. Dale Berlin

    Simply Smoke

    Wow, I see lions heads, an elephant head and trunk, the milky way, a frowning eel, and a martini being sipped.
  19. Dale Berlin

    Bowling Balls and Stars

    Oh God is that nice!
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