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  1. Dale Berlin

    Autumn Meadow

    Autumn meadow at one of my favorite stomping grounds. Glacier Ridge Metro.
  2. Dale Berlin

    Abstract 3

    It was like walking in a sand blaster that morning. Wearing cheap sunglasses I hiked the dunes with camera and lens wrapped in a towel at end of the tripod. A very enjoyable surreal morning!
  3. Dale Berlin

    Logan Pass

    These near dead pines almost appear as a reflection.
  4. Dale Berlin

    Abstract 2

    Sandstone wall and tree
  5. Dale Berlin

    Abstract 1

    This is more abstract than it is B&W so here it is. It is the side of an old grain silo on the property of The Ohio State University's school of Agriculture. The molded cement blocks give it a very unique appearance. The university is planning to demolish it soon so I took a few shots before...
  6. Dale Berlin


    Water Lily in the drainage pond of a “beautiful” new housing development. Rain Lily on the banks of the Suwannee River.
  7. Dale Berlin

    The Recipe #48 - Brilliance

    Wonderful little town nestled in the middle of a paper mill, Fernandina Beach FL
  8. Dale Berlin

    Old Pavilion Campground

    There is a little RV park "near" Perry Florida that sets on the Gulf of Mexico. Sea kayaking and fishing is about all there is to do, it was very quiet while we visited. The posts in the water are remains of the old pavilion restaurant that stood over the water until it burned down years ago...
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