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  1. JimFox

    Skyline Meetup - 2020 - Post your Group Photo

    We had a great meetup with a lot of awesome members showing up. I will edit this and add everyone’s names later as the last of us are wrapping things up. To start it off I will post a photo of the last survivors who made it to Monday montning. For those who joined us, please add your photos to...
  2. JimFox

    soaking up the sunlight

    Super cool photos! Love that first one a lot! These would be so awesome printed.
  3. JimFox

    A Slice of Heaven

    Very nice Alan. I like the light in this.
  4. JimFox

    Maple Seed Pods

    Thanks for the memories Jim! I haven’t seen Maple seed pods in years. These look so very cool!
  5. JimFox

    Light in the Forest

    Love it Roy! These are really awesome, thank you so much for posting these. You are helping to remind me that I Hope that once this Coronavirus stuff has settled down I can make a trip back up there.
  6. JimFox

    fox kit on the loose

    This is so amazing. I am so jealous of your Fox photography! So amazing.
  7. JimFox


    A great example of tenacity Barry.
  8. JimFox

    My first post

    Welcome to FocalWorld! :) What a great first post! I was trying to pick favorites from these and I find it almost impossible since they are all that good.
  9. JimFox

    Potts falls..

    These are some great waterfalls! What a nice selection. My favorite is #2.
  10. JimFox

    A Cloudy Day at Hovenweap

    This is really nice Alan! I like how you positioned the ruins.
  11. JimFox

    Bryce is Nice

    Here is one from the road as I was in Bryce yesterday. This was shot with the Sony A6400 and transferred and edited on the iPhone. Right now I am here just outside of Capitol Reef with a bunch of our group. It’s been a blast. At this moment we are enjoying the shade next to Ben’s truck and...
  12. JimFox

    Breaking out of the house!

    Wow! These are awesome Jim! I will look at them again later.
  13. JimFox

    Emergence (Infrared)

    Great IR work Jim. I like the style and look of this. That sounds like a great workshop.
  14. JimFox

    Camas Lily among Buttercups

    Wow!!! Totally awesome Kurt! You have these peaceful flower photos to a T. I think I tend to over do the contrast in my flower photos, but that soft light and less contrast works so well with this look.
  15. JimFox

    Friday’s Focus - 2020/05/29 - In the Canyon

    Our Focus this Friday is on Canyon images where you are “in” the canyon. Add your photos to this thread. I will start with one I took on Thursday in Zion NP. Jim
  16. JimFox

    Waterfall Wednesday 5/27/2020

    This is from Zion NP, in the Narrows. I took this morning while hiking in it a bit. It’s just an iPhone shot as I can process these much faster while traveling...
  17. JimFox

    Skyline Overlook Utah 2020 - Updated Info Thread

    I had a successful night in Zion and I am just getting to Bryce. I will head over to Hanksville tomorrow.
  18. JimFox

    More lighthouses from the West of Scotland

    Both are super cool. #1 looks like a different kind of lighthouse? And I agree that #2 is the most impactful because of the way the sun is lighting it and the clouds.
  19. JimFox

    I know, I know…another tree (Great Basin National Park, NV)

    You really worked Great Basin John! In general Great Basin will stretch a photographers creativity as in general it was not a very photogenic location I found. So great work with these.
  20. JimFox

    Deep in the Woods

    Well, it’s been from 102 to 112 for me the last few days so this looks quite cool and refreshing.
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