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  1. JimFox

    Autumn Moon #2

    Cropping.... :( I am thinking the cropping tool is missing from my Photoshop tool bar for some reason... :rolleyes:
  2. JimFox

    Autumn Moon #2

    I appreciate that Ben. It was shot at 300mm.
  3. JimFox

    Autumn Moon #2

    Thanks so much Alan.
  4. JimFox

    San Francisco Morning

    Love it Kyle! Well composed, and it's great to see more city photos too. I like the amount of light in the scene and how the building lights are still on.
  5. JimFox

    Autumn Moon #2

    Another one from last fall over by Steamboat Springs in Colorado. I had seen the large moon in the sky and was chasing it a bit until I could find a good area. I had stopped and took a few shots in the original area but got bored with it and drove a bit more until I came to a ridge with some...
  6. JimFox

    Bald River Falls, TN

    That's a cool looking waterfall John! It looks great in B&W.
  7. JimFox


    That's super cool Don to get the pair of them. I also like the bit of reflection in the water of the head of the one.
  8. JimFox

    Sgurr nan Gillean, Isle of Skye

    Wow, love the light shining forth in #1. Just pouring and spraying out. #2 with the water flowing down and that gorgeous light sure makes it standout.
  9. JimFox

    Early light along Donner Crest

    Wow! Love this pastel colors! What a very cool but I am sure a pretty cold morning.
  10. JimFox

    Antelope Dragwood

    Nice work Alan! You did good with this one. While that looks like something someone drug in there, being as it's a slot canyon that does get water flowing through there occasionally, I would imagine perhaps the idea behind that dragged in tree was that actual wood had been deposited and left in...
  11. JimFox

    Antelope Dragwood

    For myself, the location is so mesmerizing I hardly noticed anyone else around me the couple of times I have been there. Waiting for people to move in a crowded location is to be expected and at least for myself I wasn't bothered as I expected it. I had wanted to get back there this last year...
  12. JimFox

    Early Morning Steam Fog

    Very cool Kurt! What a very nice morning that had to have been. I actually like the dock on the left as I think it gives some context to the scene and also kind of anchors it.
  13. JimFox

    Morning clouds off the hills

    This looks like something out of a sci-fi movie Dave. That's some really weird colors. One of the cool things about driving the I-15 in that area is all of the low clouds that develop there.
  14. JimFox

    Butte Valley

    Super cool Tim! I also don’t like star Trails a lot, but there are times when they do work well and compliment a scene as in #2. Good job all around here.
  15. JimFox

    Friday's Focus - 2020/11/27 - Travel

    A lot of great travels in this one. A very creative Focus Kyle.
  16. JimFox

    Female Hooded Merganser

    Hey Doug, if this isn't decent I don't know what is! This looks super cool, and I really like that crown on it, and also the way the wings are.
  17. JimFox

    The Maple Tree

    Congrats on the Daily Featured Photo Monika! @MonikaC
  18. JimFox

    The Maple Tree

    Both of these are so cool Monika! You did good I would say and you got in there in just the nick of time. I think #1 is my favorite, though I might desaturate the greens just a bit in the lower left.
  19. JimFox


    Looks like good DoF
  20. JimFox

    More Maple Upholstery

    Wow Alan! In a lot of ways this tops that little tree in the Portland Japanese Gardens. Very nice!
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