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  1. Ben Egbert

    Skyline Overlook

    Love this image Jim
  2. Ben Egbert

    Early Morning at Valley of Fire State Park

    Wow, I have never seen this, what a show.
  3. Ben Egbert

    Best Legal Locations to Fly a Drone

    Well I know you can use them at Skyline and Cowdung Road, Also Marlboro point. I suspect not at Dead Horse though, but it's a state park, would have to check.
  4. Ben Egbert

    PhotoShop - Rendering Video not working

    Sorry to hear this. I have a feeling that the render option in Photoshop is not robust. It seems like an afterthought. I suspect Adobe wants you to buy one of it's dedicated video editors.
  5. Ben Egbert

    Thursday's Task - 01/20/2021

    The turn off to Chicken Corners south of Moab.
  6. Ben Egbert

    A foggy canyon

    Nice atmospheric images Jameel. Really like that second one.
  7. Ben Egbert

    The Coquille Lighthouse

    I know that lighthouse well, and probably have one from this ere, as well as a few with construction under way. This is a nice uncluttered view of it.
  8. Ben Egbert

    PhotoShop - Rendering Video not working

    Try uninstall and reinstall Photoshop. Just remember to tell it to save your settings during uninstall.
  9. Ben Egbert

    PhotoShop - Rendering Video not working

    Is this while in Photoshop or Movavi. I had some issues with Photoshop but it was different than you describe. I lost the H-264, but got it back with an uninstall of Photoshop and a reinstall. I never lost it in Movavi.
  10. Ben Egbert

    The Escalante

    Jeffrey, congratulations for the honor of having your image selected for their website. Second for contributing to this cause, and not least of all for a fabulous image.
  11. Ben Egbert

    Waterfall Wednesday 1/20/2021

    What a warm peaceful scene.
  12. Ben Egbert

    Adirondacks Winter edition #1

    great images and a great scene, but wow, does it looks cold.
  13. Ben Egbert

    Wish Levy a happy birthday

    Hope you have a great birthday Levy @Levy Davish
  14. Ben Egbert

    Looking to the North

    Really nice image Jim. Just waiting for company to leave and a good night to go try one myself.
  15. Ben Egbert

    Joshua Tree Stars 4k with Intro

    This one is great Jim, I did not run it at 720 because I knew to ignore the first part and it was nice and clear.
  16. Ben Egbert

    Beating the dead horse

    This is indeed a nice perspective.
  17. Ben Egbert

    Two Hours At The Pond

    Nice one, you are using mechanized pan and zoom right? Very good effect.
  18. Ben Egbert

    North Coyote Buttes, Paria Plateau

    One of the best I have seen from here.,
  19. Ben Egbert

    Winged Wednesday 1/20/2021

    Great images Eric and all the contributors. And a big thank you to Eric for staring this. As is usual, I had to dig into my archives for a bird image.
  20. Ben Egbert

    Waterfall Wednesday 1/20/2021

    Thanks for starting this Alan. Here is my offering for the week. Another from American Fork river.
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