2020 Petit LeMans

Travis Rhoads

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I was once again out at Petit LeMans this year purely as a spectator. We logged many miles in the golf cart running around. It was a lot of fun as usual.
#1: I have spent a lot of time working on my shooting through stuff skills...this one is at 1/10 to really blur all the stuff.

#2: Early morning light.

#3: Late afternoon light...

#4: Blue Hour light...

#5 A really tough angle, from a steep hill with very little target acquisition time.

#6: From a lower than the car viewpoint, from the knees.


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Really cool set, and great job on the panning and the slow speed. These really have the motion effect, I think #5 is one of my favorites.


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What a great series of photos Travis! That's great that you got to capture them again this year.

#3 might be my favorite. It's cool that you can use and work lens flares on these types of shots and they help to tell a story in them.

#2 and 6 are my other favorites, though they are all fun. I am sure this is a blast, I know I would totally enjoy an experience like this. I like playinig around with slower shutter speeds anyway, so to be able to play around with the movement of the cars would be such fun.

Amy Earl

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These are really great. I like the ones where the background is blurred the most. It helps isolate the subject and the smoothness of the blurred colors and lines is appealing. I guess that's why if I had to pick my favorites they would be 1, 3, and 6. Love how you shot into the sun on #3. The off-center framing on all these makes them artistic while communicating a sense of motion.
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