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WELCOME TO OUR DEATH VALLEY PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP | Death Valley, the heart of the desert, with its huge variety of iconic, spectacular landscapes concentrated in one National Park is one of my favourite destinations on the planet. Where else could you find Badlands, salt flats, sand dunes, mud cracks, salt sculptures, the Racetrack, mine ruins and more, all in a relatively small area? I started exploring and photographing Death Valley in 2010, during the one-month trip in the Southwest USA that made me decide to become a professional landscape photographer. I immediately felt in love with Death Valley, and I have been back almost every year since, often multiple times a year.

Now, I am really excited to come back to the Valley again in 2023 for more Workshops and I am looking forward to putting at your service over a decade of knowledge exploring and photographing Death Valley together with my extensive experience leading over 70 Workshops, 9 of which in Death Valley so far. Together we’ll let Death Valley inspire us, and I’ll help you create your individual, personal and powerful photographs of Death Valley’s otherworldly landscapes!

OVER 15 INSPIRING LOCATIONS | During our 6 days of Death Valley Photography Workshop, we’ll have over 15 locations available to photograph. Thanks to my extensive knowledge of Death Valley, we’ll work on the Valley’s most iconic locations such as Zabriskie Point from an original viewpoint, I’ll bring you to my unique spots in Badwater Basin and the Devil’s Golf Course, I’ll take you to the best of the Racetrack’s magical Sailing Stones, I’ll show you where to find the cleanest and most photogenic of Mesquite’s sand dunes, and more. As well, I am looking forward to bringing you to my favourite, more secret locations of Death Valley, where almost no other Workshops ever go.

DEATH VALLEY + YOUR VISION | Whether we'll photograph iconic locations or more unexplored ones, you'll never go home with the same images as everyone else. Thanks to my knowledge of the locations, during our Death Valley Photography Workshop I’ll keep you away from the crowds and I’ll help you bring your vision to life photographing these unforgettable, epic landscapes in your own original and personal way.


Follow the link for more information and to secure your seat:


See you in Death Valley in November 2023! Best regards,


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