Above the Buttermilk Hills


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A three frame vertical pano from my Phantom 4 Pro v2, over the Buttermilk Hills area of the eastern Sierra, CA. Round Valley is the tiny green patch to the left and the City of Bishop is seen to the right. The White Mountains are in the background across the Valley. You can see my van and launch site at the end loop of that steep low range climb road.



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That's a sweet view! Round Valley is a fun little place to photograph. I have found it good to capture horses.

How about a crop of the sky right above the horizontal clouds above the White Mountains? I like the shapes in the clouds in the rest of the sky, but they seem to be distracting my eyes a bit.


I like the full view as it conveys just how wide open this area really is.....

Interesting looking place. Not a part of this side of the Sierra I have explored much beyond Bishop and Laws.
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