Advice in Slovenia?


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I have the chance to stay on for a few precious days after a work trip in Slovenia next month. Obviously the thing to do is to go canyoning Slovenia! I am looking for advice on rewarding canyons for a pretty average aussie canyoner to tackle without hiring a local guide. Things I am thinking about are avoiding the technical challenges we do not encounter in Bled, like giant keeper potholes and having to build sandbag anchors, and avoiding too long a walk in, since it will be ferociously hot at this time of year. Also not having to carry crazy amounts of rope, since it will have to fit in my luggage. But still getting some serious beauty :)
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I don't have any suggestions, but I will say that's a smart idea. I used to do the same when I worked. I would travel for business, and then instead of flying home on Friday, I would fly back on Sunday and I would get 2 free days to explore and photograph.

Canyons are so fun, and potentially so dangerous. Please post photos when you get back.


PS. Feel free to post photos from your Aussie backyard too! :)
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