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I hadn't realized it had been so long since we have had any wedding focused photos or videos posted. :(

Here is Amanda and Josh. I did the photography and videography for their wedding. This is the video. Since I was a crew of one, all I could do was hope the video would work and I would get footage I could assemble later. The photography required me to be able to move around, so for the video's I set up 2 cameras to do the videos. 1 that was close by in which I thought it would catch the audio the best, and then 1 a little further back on the other side.

The real problem here compared to a church wedding is that there were no real markers as to where people would stand, the wedding was on the same level as the guests, it wasn't elevated like in a church. It had an open are where people could stand or sit, but it was really just where people wanted to go they could. So I could only guess where to put the cameras and hope that I could still get clear views of the wedding as I wouldn't be able to really move them around once the wedding was going as I would be busy with the photos.

The 2nd problem came during the wedding, but I didn't know about it until after the ceremony. The iphone which I had set up for closeups, overheated from the hot New Mexico sun in the middle of the ring part of the ceremony. Luckily I had the GoPro going also. Now the GoPro's issue was it's location and in the beginning of the ceremony one person walked in front of the camera a few times, and then another person had a pretty loud mouth that messed up the audio in a few spots.

I was able to overcome all of that though in editing the video's. :)

As an aside, since I wasn't able to man the video cameras, and the close up camera died. A couple of times I inserted some still photos in the video to fill those gaps.

Enough gabbing. :) The video isn't very long as it was a short and sweet wedding. So I hope you enjoy it.

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Jim my first impression was what a lovely setting. I can see your difficulties with stray background noise but I think you overcome this
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