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From May '09, the top end of Slide Rock St. Park, north from Sedona, AZ.
Just a little after dawn, but before any light got to the bottom of the canyon.
I liked the different colors of rock, from various shades of red, to the deep blue-grey boulders fallen from higher up the canyon.
0.5 second exposure for Oak Creek winding its way through the scene.



Looks like a peaceful scene and inviting with no one around.

Back in the 50's and 60's there was enough moss on the rocks in the channel that you really could slide down the rapids. This place was a mid summer favorite for families to escape the heat in Phoenix. This scene would have been packed on weekends.


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It's very cool Barry! Slide Rock is a fun place to shoot, I have shot there many a time.

My only thought is it looks like it could have benefited from a polarizer to help remove some of that sheen off the water.
It is nice that you were able to shoot this without hundreds of tourists. This is a completely different perspective than you usually see. Nice job.
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