Backlit trees in Borrowdale

Ken Rennie

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I keep visiting this small area and one reason is the way that the sun backlights the trees against a steep shadowed hillside. This happens for a few weeks in Spring and Autumn and for approx 1hr each day. I keep hoping for soft veiled sunshine during this time and so far I have not been lucky. Two images showing this effect.
Silver Birch v2.jpg

This is springtime just as the silver birch trees are starting to bud. The difficulty is the bracken which had turned almost white and made processing the image difficult.
P-RennieK-Birch trees in Autumn.jpg

In this case the trunks have burnt out despite the best efforts of my Nikon D810. Taken 1st November usual peak colour time.



I like how you have isolated when to be there for this kind of light. I love the second shot. I like how the patch of sunlight illuminates the base of that primary tree. My biggest complaint about that shot is that I didn't take it. I'd love to take a crack at processing that one.


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Very cool Ken! It's awesome to have a location like this where the trees consistently get spotlighted while the background stays in shadow.

Good job on these, #2 is my favorite.
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