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Ken Rennie

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The images are sorted by date taken. I hope you like them Ken
#1 A focus stack from my Garden of snowdrops, I liked the shape of this little clump but it took me 2 days to get this shot as the slight breeze kept moving the tiny flowers. In the end I merged them by hand as the automatic focus stacking programmes kept producing artefacts.

#2 The needle, a well known location in Northern Skye. This rock is 120ft high and involves a short steep scramble to get to this location.
_DSC6134-HDR-1 1200 high.jpg

#3 The Cuillin, Skye. Another much photographed location. Every time I visit I hope for drama and raging seas but so far no luck. This is a 500s exposure, too long as it has removed almost all of the texture from the water. While I was waiting for the long exposure noise reduction to do its thing a pod of 5 or 6 dolphins swam past about 40ft out. I didn't even go for my phone as I was awestruck by the experience.
_DSC6438-1 Sep2 flattened white stroke 1600.jpg

#4 driftwood on the Yorkshire coast. I did try and use this as foreground interest for the nearby sea stack but couldn't but still like the patterns produced by the backwash.
_DSC8697-1 sharpened a lot white stroke.jpg

#5 Yorkshire Coast again. Taken in the middle of the day. This is a difficult location to get to and involves wading through the receding tide for a couple of hundred yards. The boat on the left is a wrecked fishing boat that is slowly succumbing to the not so gentle administrations of the sea.
_DSC8719-3 mono 1600.jpg

#6 Dolgoch Falls in Wales. I don't usually take images in high summer but I like this one. This is an easy to get to location but this shot involves standing in the stream and unlike many waterfalls this one is backed by trees and hillside, all too often one is looking at bright sky. As in most of my water shots this is a blend of long and shorter shutter speeds.
_DSC9913-1 1200 high.jpg

#7 Another waterfall, this one from SW Scotland. I have taken to examining maps and following likely looking streams to see if I can find waterfalls. I don't mind photographing famous places but get a kick out of finding unknown places, or unknown to to facebook and youtube. Scotland's nationwide right to roam laws allows me to go anywhere, public or private land.
_DSC1366-2 vertical 1200 high white stroke.jpg

#8 Pre dawn light in Glen Affric. One of Scotland's prettiest glens famous for Scots pines and Autumn colours. I went to photograph the view into the glen, see #9 but while setting up noticed the view behind. I was alone for 90minutes, in this stunning location, with nature producing waves of mist and colour. When I walked off the hill I met several photographers arriving but the magic had long gone.

#9 Glen Affric this is the view that I had envisaged but the conditions were better than I had hoped for.
_DSC3529-2 sharpen white stroke.jpg

#10 Taken just a few miles from Beauly in North East Scotland. My wife was attending a traditional fiddle workshop for a week in Beauly with hundreds of violinists invading this tiny town and playing impromptu concerts in pubs, hardwear stores and cafes. This allowed me to spend the entire time out in the hills and glens. My week coincided with high pressure misty conditions and this image was captured just as the sun looked as though it would breakthrough but faded after this shot. I have now found out that the far trees are Aspens whereas the small trees on the left are silver birch. My wife is returning for more fiddle lessons next year so you may get to see more of this area.
_DSC3797-1 cropped from laptop now on desktop. 1600 white stroke.jpg


Wonderful set for 2019 Ken. I love the whole diverse set as every image has something to keep me lingering over each scene.


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Wow Ken! Totally awesome work!

I also appreciate the back story on all of these, it really adds a lot to have that narrative to go along with the photo.

Now, all are awesome, but I will pick the ones that stand out to me.

#6 is first, that waterfall with all of that greenery, could easily have been taken in the Columbia River Gorge here. I like the flow of the water with all of that green surrounding it.

#8 is next with that magical light and mood. This could be a painting so easily as paintings often have that darker mood with a brighter light source.

Then I will go with #2. That Needle is so unique, and you captured it with some great light. Being side lit really makes it and helps bring out the detail and add depth. Good job with the timing.

Finally #1. I can only imagine the patience needed with that, and in the end a lot of hard work processing it. But it paid off with the result of an awesome macro.

Amy Earl

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These are amazing, Ken. Your work is such an inspiration.

I echo Jim's comments and here are my favorites in order: 8, 2, 9, 3, 4, 1.

#8 - Early bird got the worm! ;)
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