Best of 2020

Ken Rennie

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#1 from Loch Ard, Scotland the day after attending a Joan Baez concert showing that the quality of light and odd atmospheric conditions can transform ordinary backgrounds
_DSC6423-3 whole thing col balanced better-2 removing blue cast soft proofed-1 straightened 1600.jpg

#2 Glencoe a steep pathless scramble down to the river on a day with snow showers and sunshine

#3 Deepdale in Cumbria (30 miles from home), my first visit to the valley, 2 days before we went into total lockdown.

#4 Hadrian's Wall about 20 miles from home, lockdown had relaxed enough for us to be able to drive and then go for a walk. Forecast was perfect sunshine, and thunderstorms this is a multi shot panorama with me sheltering under an umbrella
Untitled_Panorama-2c white stroke.jpg

#5 Combe Gill watermill (30 miles from home) Only my 2nd drive to take photographs in 4 months but days of heavy rain followed by a sunshine and showers forecast tempted me out. I walked high into the hills above this mill to take waterfall images and then decided to find this mill.
_DSC0980-2 white stroke.jpg

#6 Bee with sunflower. We had weeks of warm and sunny weather and I spent a long time in the garden learning how to focus stack moving flowers, use fill in flash and photographing butterflies and bees in flight. Not perfect but I am happy with it, more practice next year.
_DSC2242-1  focus stackb.jpg

#7 Rogie Falls, Northern Scotland. A long planned trip to Beauly where my wife attends a traditional fiddle workshop every year. Unfortunately Covid put a stop to the workshop but we had paid for the accommodation and October in Northern Scotland can be beautiful. This was taken with soft rain falling softening the foliage

#8 Wailing Widow Falls in Assynt in North West Scotland. One of the many locations that I want to return to. I had difficulty just choosing 1
_DSC3840-1 white stroke.jpg

#9 Bassenthwaite Lake in Cumbria a magical light day that turns everything extraordinary. I had real difficulty just choosing 1 from here.
_DSC6339-3 thin white stroke.jpg

#10 from later the same morning as #9 Borrowdale in Cumbria with thick mist in the valley nd the sun just starting to breakthrough. A very difficult image to process as the dynamic range was extreme.
_DSC6493-1 mono v3 white stroke.jpg

Ben Egbert

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2, 4, 5 and 7 are my favorites here but all of them are fantastic. Color and grand scenes are my thing which is the influencing factor. Your waterfalls are to die for.


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Excellent Ken! It is nice to see a genuine image of a boat on a lake (too many Instagram images...)


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Awesome work Ken! Every one of these is awesome! I can’t pick out favorites, because every single one is a favorite.

You had a really awesome year posting here!

Kyle Jones

Wonderful set Ken - you do a great job of making me want to come for a visit. I'm sure I'd pick different favorites tomorrow, but for now I'd go with 1, 2 and 5. I actually think I liked some of your other Wailing Widow Falls photos more than this one, but it is still really nice.

Mike Lewis

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I knew these would be fantastic and I was right. I absolutely love #4 - the historic location, the wonderfully engaging composition and the dramatic weather and light make it just an absolutely magical capture. All of the waterfall shots are great - your shutter speeds for these seem to always strike the right balance between motion and mood, with #3 and #5 being particularly striking to my eye. And all the work put into #10 was worth it - what a powerful image you have created and posted to end this impressive set!


Jim Dockery

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Great set. #2 is my fav. - both snowy mountain and gorgeous falls in an outstanding composition with perfect subdued light. #7 is a close 2nd, beautiful light, fall colors, and an interesting falls all come together into a "Wow!"
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