Best of 2020

Ben Egbert

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Here are my favorites.

1 Skyline overlook

200601-13695-5DS R.jpg

2 American Fork River fall

201012-14613-5DS Ra - Copy.jpg

3. Marlboro Point

201020-14840-5DS R CROP - Copy.jpg

4, Anticline Overlook Canyonlands
201020-14798-5DS R B - Copy.jpg

5. Big horn sheep American Fork River


6. Mount Timpanogoes fall

200922-14333-5DS R - Copy.jpg

7. Christmas meadows fall

200925-14398-5DS R bw - Copy.jpg

8. Roberts horn Fall

201002-14521-5DS R - Copy.jpg

9. Balanced Rock Arches NP

201019-14734-5DS R d - Copy.jpg


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Awesome work Ben!

I have tried to pick favorites or think how I would order them by favorites. I want to move up #4 the Anticline, but then I look at the top 3 and it's hard to move any of them out of the top 3 positions. You had a great year of photography Ben!

Mike Lewis

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Wow! I think we are both suckers for the grand vista shot which you always pull off superbly, so I was swooning right away and never really recovered :) 1,3,4,6,and 7 all were jaw dropping and very hard to pick favorites from those as they all spoke to me. Such wonderful locations, illuminated with magical light, and crafted into such compelling compositions.


Jim Dockery

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You had a great year Ben, many of my favorite images you've ever posted here. Hard to pick favs, but #1 for sure. I agree with you that #2 is the best you've gotten from American Fork - all the lines from every direction lead into the center, but with the water I should say they flow out.
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