Best of 2020


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#1 Open Choices, Indicated Path: First trip of the year and first successful image at these mudcracks
Open Choices, Indicated Path.jpg

#2 Weathering Wall: It had been 10 years since we'd been to Bryce, and the lenticular clouds were good greeters.
Weathering Wall.jpg

#3 Bountiful Wolves: One of the last stops before we left the Bay Area for Mammoth.
Bountiful Wolves.jpg

#4 Traveler to an Antique Land: My favorite keeper from NEOWISE
Traveler to an Antique Land.jpg

#5 The Valley High: Sunrise from Clouds Rest on my last backpacking trip before school started.
The Valley High.jpg

#6 Owens Promise: A series of thunderstorms right before the Creek Fire started.
Owens Rainbow.jpg

#7 Extinguishing the Fireweed: Flowers were blooming at Rainbow Falls well into August, and experimenting with shutter speed bracketing
Watering the Flowers.jpg

#8 Yellow Ribbon: Being able to scout this location and come back for peak color was different than my other fall color trips.
Yellow Ribbon.jpg

#9 Double Bass and a Bow: A last second run up a dune for the last light cloud color.
Double Bass and a Bow.jpg

#10 Nature's Architecture: It's nice to have this close to home.
Nature's Architecture.jpg


Damn - you had a really outstanding 2020. And at every venue you visited from the looks of it. Every one of these is a printworthy result. I pick all 10 of these as my favorites 😁


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Wow!! Ok I love them all but my favorites from your 2020 have to be #1, #4, #6 and #7! Beautiful images!!

Kyle Jones

The nice thing about that comet image (4) is that it is a beautiful image even without the comet. I'd say that 6 and 9 are my other favorites at the moment but enjoy them all. Nice work!


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Awesome choices Tim. My favorites are #1,4 and 7. But every one of these stands out. You really had a great year of photography!


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Beautiful work here, and I dont really have a favorite as they are all exceptional. But #6 is as spectacular as it is mesmerizing.

Mike Lewis

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Some set of images! I like 1 and 2, but #4 is my favorite and one of my very favorite Neowise images I have seen. It would be a great shot without the comet but with that included it is over the top. I also love #6 -m I recall that one from your first posting of it on FW.
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