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Carlo Didier

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What a year 2020 was ... Most people would like to just forget about it ...

Here's my 10 favorites from my own photography. Most of my images taken this year were from a short trip to Scotland in February, but there were others too, more locally, due too circumstances.

1. My absolute fave of the year. Torridon in Scotland. I had been driving past this spot probably a hundred times over the last 30 years, but this time, it all came together for me.

2. The Quiraing, Isle of Skye, Scotland. Shot just a few days after #1, this if one of my preferred views on the Isle of Skye, even though most people shoot in the opposite direction.

3. Neist Point, Isle of Skye, Scotland. I tried to find a new or at least less used viewpoint for this iconic place. First, I tought about cloning out the other photographer (Denise from Austria), but then I thought it added just the right piece for the story, so I left her in.

4. Is there a single photographer on Earth who doesn't know the Old Man of Storr on the Isle of Skye? A classic photo spot, but I wanted to include the fence as a lead in

5. My lucky shot of the year is from May. A chance encounter with three fox puppies. I barely managed to grab a snapshot of one of them who was curious enough to stick his head out long enough, as I had had my camera set on low ISO, manual focus, etc all for landscape on a tripod, not for action and animal photography ...

6. Vines. A theme that started to fascinate me and I want to create a series or book about them.

7. As many, many, many, many other people, COVID-19 inspired me to buy an e-Bike (as we were always allowed to get out into nature here in Luxembourg, under restrictions concerning the number of people from different households). This image symbolizes that for me. Got the bike end of May and by end of July I had already done 1000km. I was over 2100km at the end of the year. I'm really hooked. Note that I only used the motor assistance (you always have to pedal, as it will only help you, it won't do anything if you don't put in your own effort) for 5-10% of the time. But it gives me the freedom to explore more on longer distances without fear of getting too exhausted to return home ... Longest single tour was 90km, average ~40km. And of course, always with my photo backpack!

8. Shot also on a bike tour. I just loved the colors!

9. Found this in the woods in October on one of the last warm days (another bike tour ...). Whished I had had my 56mm/1.8 fore a nice shallow DOF!

10. Beginning of December, I finally cracked for a drone! Because of too many restrictions with larger models, I went for the DJI Mini2. As opposed to the original DJI Mini, it has raw photos and better video transmission. I'm excited to do more aerial photography in the future!

Ben Egbert

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What a great series, I absolutely love that fox but the first image is a standout as well.


Very neat year in photos Carlo - in spite of all the travel restrictions. I am jealous of your e-bike and the drone - neat results from both. I really like images #1 and #3. Getting a capture of the fox puppy is a real plus too.

Kyle Jones

Wonderful set of images that also tell a nice story. 1, 3 and the fox are my favorites, but they all work well together.


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Hey Carlo!

I still haven't done my best for 2020, thanks for the kick in the butt. :)

These are really sweet, and it looks like you made the best of a bad year!

So you got the DJI Mini 2? That's what I am looking into getting. How do you like it?

Amy Nelson

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Another grouping of fantastic images, looking at all the "Best of 2020" it seems like it wasn't such a bad year after all. 👏 👏 👏

Carlo Didier

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So you got the DJI Mini 2? That's what I am looking into getting. How do you like it?
Sorry for the late reply, Jim. I'm very busy at work due to our merger with another company (and as I work in IT ...).
Haven't used it too much yet, but so far I really like the Mini 2. Because it's so small and lightweight (although you have to count the remote control too), I can take it with me without being crushed by my photo backpack ;)
The drone with the remote, 2 spare batteries and other accessories, all in it's pouch, weighs in at 1300g total. That's still 320g less than my 100-400mm
Of course, you have to be more careful, as it has only sensors facing down, so you have to do your own collision avoidance :)

Mike Lewis

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Fantastic set, judging form these you must have had a hard time posting just 10 :)

I also love #1, the exposure and composition go with the lovely but subtle colors and make this a very natural looking capture. I am liking #3 as my favorite of the set though, as I am a sucker form the grand vista, and this location, with the story being told in combination with the fantastic light make it a total winner for me. And #5 is seemingly a one in a lifetime capture - love the expression on the little one and the lovely catchlight in the eyes! A superbly strong set of images.


Jim Dockery

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Nice varied set. I was going to vote #3 as a fav. - agree on leaving the other photographer - I assume you gave her a copy which she would love. When I saw the fox kit though that really grabbed me. Perfect moment and a lucky capture.
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