Best of 2020

Jim Dockery

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#1: Skiing down from the Paradise Glacier, Mt. Rainier. Not the best ski shot of the year, but I managed to capture my friend Silas in perfect position on his 70th B-day - my present to him.


#2: Another summer ski day at Mt. Rainier. My partner Eric got this one of me on a new descent for us off the Muir snowfield. Perfect steep corn snow, with a spicy exit ending in a waterfall that forced a climb back up and traverse to another gully made for a memorable day. Again, not the best photo of the year, but it captured the atmosphere and memory perfectly - thanks Eric!


#3 My wife and I got a new truck and camper at the end of 2019 and snuck in a 6 week desert trip before the pandemic hit - one of our best ever. We first visited Death Valley a few years ago, but wanted to get back and into Eureka Dunes. I had a great afternoon hike to the top where I watched the sunset with a nice younger couple. They left and I stayed for a while shooting the afterglow, then descended alone into the dark barely making it to the camper without getting my headlamp out.


#4 I was a bit disappointed with all the footsteps in the Mesquite Dunes this morning. I was too late to get out to a clean area before sunrise so settled on framing up some people on an adjacent dune. I had to run around to get the shots I wanted but it turned out to be more fun and productive than traditional dune shots.


#5 This pano of Coal Mine Canyon isn't the best landscape I got there but I love seeing our camper parked on the left horizon. We were the only people there the two days we visited.


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#6 My wife hiking down into Coal Mine. She wasn't very happy with the steep scrappy descent with hand lines, but coming around this corner changed her mind.


#7 The Wave. We won the lotto on our second try. A pre-dawn start meant we had it to ourselves for over an hour. One of the best hikes of our lives.


#8 AZ sunrise. We both woke up too early this morning so got up and started driving our truck camper in the dark heading to Petrified Forest. We got hungry just as the sun was rising so stoped for breakfast and watched this out the window. Of course I had to get out and shoot - wish I'd set up a time-lapse.


#9 Sunset at Raven Lake. My last glimpse of White Chuck peak before the clouds enveloped it for the evening. I shot this as a panorama which has the side benefit of a focus stack effect since the bottom image is focused close and the top at infinity.


#10 I carried my drone up to Raven Lake and got this sunrise pano of Glacier Pk. and the ridge of White Chuck with Pugh and Sloan in the background

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You had a good 2020 from the looks of this collection. Hard to pick out a favorite but #9 at Raven Lake is one that keeps me scrolling back for another look.


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Well, us Jim's are bringing up the rear it seems with posting our 2020 Best of Photos. Hopefully I will do mine this weekend.

You got a really nice and varied group of photos here.

A note on Mesquite Dunes, and you may know this, but unless there was some pretty good winds at night, there will still be footprints all over the dunes still in the morning. Your shot though from there was perfect and was a great way to avoid the footprints. Usually the best way to avoid foot prints is you park on the side of the road where there are 2 small hills about a mile from the parking area, and then you hike in about a mile into the smaller dunes. Hardly anyone goes to that area and it's usually free from footprints.

Jim Dockery

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Thanks for all the comments guys. I had a good year, lucky to get that big trip in before the pandemic.

Jim, that morning in the dunes it had been windy the night before, but not enough, and there were already people out in front of me when I arrived. I know about parking further up the road and did that on our last trip. My wife wanted to park the camper in the lot though so she could go back to sleep. She wasn't comfortable driving our new truck and camper at that point so a drop off wouldn't work. In the end it worked out for the best anyway - I'm a firm believer in serendipity and, "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." Teddy Rosevelt

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I know that this is your year but for me this is a wonderful slice of what America has above and beyond what is portrayed on the tv. Tey are are good but the last 2 are spectacular. Thank you.


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Приветствую вас.
Все это, конечно, интересно, но попробуйте посмотреть с другой стороны.
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