Black Friday

Ken Rennie

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In 1881 a hurricane hit the East coast of Scotland and wrecked 26 fishing boats and killed 189 men from 4 small villages. A series of bronze statues, by Jill Watson, commemorating the tragedy has recently been completed. This is one of the small bronzes in the village of St Abbs showing the women and children waiting in vain for the safe return of the boats. Many of the boats were wrecked within sight of the shore making the tragedy more poignant. Ken
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St, Abbs now
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A sad tale from an era that had none of the modern warning systems we now have in place to predict such an event. Nice capture of the town and the memorial.


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That is a very sad tale. But what a cool way to honor it with the statues.

I sure like the view of St Abbs.
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