Chuck Yaeger's passing

dan swiger

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Chuck Yaeger "flew west" yesterday. He was 97
Here is a shot I took at an airshow at 2005 at Edwards AFB.
Chuck Yaeger is chatting with the pilot in the P-51

Decided to do a gigapixel/crop

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Ben Egbert

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I met Chuck when he was a neighbor of my dads cousin at Edwards AFB. That was about 1954. Chuck was flying the Bell X1 at the time if I am not mistaken. The Mustang is my all time favorite aircraft.


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A very cool remembrance Dan. And that's a really nice shot you got too. Like Ben, the Mustang is my all time favorite plane. The gigapixel sure did a good job on the crop.


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very cool photo. he was a second cousin of my great grandfather. my grandmother's maiden name was yeager (please don't hack my bank account with that info, there's nothing there), and her husband was an airplane mechanic for the last squadron of p-51s operating during the korean war.
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