Cloudy Morning on Oak Creek (Infrared)

Jim Peterson

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It has been suggested that I appear obsessed lately with photographing comet NEOWISE. But I have a very good explanation for that.

Here's my explanation: I really AM obsessed with photographing that comet! It's by far the best one we've seen in 2 1/2 decades, and it could be the best one we'll see for the rest of the century. And moreover, it won't be back until about the year 8820, give or take. Since I'm not positive I'll still be around then, I figure I better capture it from every possible angle now.

BUT -- just to prove that I still know how to capture other subjects, I humbly offer you...

Cloudy Morning on Oak Creek (Infrared). I’ve photographed this scene several times previously, but never on a cloudy day – and that makes a considerable difference.

We’ve had a very dry summer so far (as of July 20, 2020, when this image was captured), but the trees along the creek don’t notice that because they have a perpetual source of water. Their lush foliage actually blocks part of the view of Cathedral Rock from this spot near Sedona, but it’s still quite serene and beautiful..

Image ©2020 James D. Peterson



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Very cool Jim! Nice work with the processing and the composition is very compelling.
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