Cumbrian light with many more images

Ken Rennie

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Cycling this morning I noticed that the light had changed. Gone was the high pressure mistyness with visability of less than 10 miles. Instead we had piercing blue skies and sharp views of mountains 40 miles away. Went out this afternoon to take this dead tree that I cycle past most days
ten went for a short drive to see if I could find any more single trees. In the distance I spotted this
and tought if I got closer I may get something like this
_DSC7440 severe crop.jpg
but by the time that I had navigated my way through the winding Cumbrian lanes the sky had changed, for the better and this was the resultant image
I waited until an hour before sunset and went back out to take more images that I cycle past a couple of miles from home, they are probably Autumn morning shots.

Lastly slightly futher away a couple more single tree shots
Apart from the first shot of the dead tree which was taken @24mm all of the others were shot on my 70-200 lens with the blue image#4 taken @70mm all of the others @ 200mm. I will take the dead tree the next time that we have a threatening sky as this tree is asking for a Gothic image not a blue sky puffy cloud one. Comments more than welcome Ken.
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I like the rolling green hills here - great contrast with the blues of the sky. Nice comp with the fence rows and the trees.

Jameel Hyder

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Love the green and blue juxtaposition of the lush rolling hills and the sky. The puffy clouds balances that out nicely. The pano works well as well.


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This is a great midday shot Ken. We can get too spoiled with sunrises and sunsets that we forget midday shots can work in the right conditions, like this. Those clouds really help break up the sky and the blue contrasts nicely with the green of the fields.

David S

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IS this where they took the Windows Vista wallpaper shots? Probably not but it has that classic look :)
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