Death Valley

Michael Liskay

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Photographed here a couple times and always want to come back. Here are some shots from Marble and Titus Canyons, Augenberry point, the Racetrack and Ubehebe Crater, the latter being possibly my favorite part of the park, well except for the Dunes!
Purple Hills v2 FW.jpg

Racetrack FW.jpg

Ubehebe Crater FW.jpg

Titus Canyon FW.jpg

FWMarble Canyon Portrait v2.jpg

Aguereberry Point Sunset FW.jpg
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I love the backlit vegetation along the slopes on the right in the first image. The racetrack is a good one too - the one on the right is winning :)

I am not familiar with the areas you have shown in images #3 - 6 but I do like what you shot. Especially #3 and #4.

dan swiger

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Some great colors! Nicely seen
Who says the desert is boring? I'm always surprised by the pallet of color


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Awesome work Mike! Ubehebe Crater is very under rated I think. It has so many cool features and is often an almost eerie place to be.

I can’t quite pick a favorite because of them are top notch!
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