Downtown LA.

Ben Egbert

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I like both of these, the first for the inclusion of the sculpture next to a building that sort of mirrors the shape, the second for that great moon placement.


Interesting way to get your selfie in the first one - I like the perspective on the buildings and the reflections.

The moon over staircase composite works quite well and the varied hues of the lighting adds interest.

Jameel Hyder

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Interesting sculpture in the first and its relative placement with the buildings. However the second one grabs my attention. - lot of interesting lines. The moon is a bonus.

Nilo Photography

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Very nice Lenny, thats a cool reflective surface in #1. And you did good with the moon in #2.

How crowded is downtown LA?
Thank you Jim. It wasn't crowded at all, the only thing about DTLA now is that there's so many building constructions that take away some of the view. Also The Disney Music Hall was closed. I wanted to take some pics from the top but everything was locked.
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