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Amy Earl

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I follow a Scottish photographer on Instagram (Oliver GM Lewis) who does a fun thing called "Feck-it Friday" (😄) - this is when he takes the opportunity to post a photo that is completely outside the norm for him in terms of subject matter or style. I find myself wishing to have a place to share these kinds of occasional just-for-fun photos.

Our Let's Play is related in a way - it lets us get outside the box creatively and venture outside our routine, whether with subject matter, processing technique, etc. I find this a therapeutic and liberating exercise.

I know we're already doing a Friday Focus, which I love, so I don't know if this would conflict. But we could also assign it a different day and change the name, keeping the "feck-it" spirit...

Any thoughts?


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Hey Amy,

We are always up for something new and different. I have already expressed to some of the guys that Friday's Focus may be near the end of it's course anyway as after 3 years of it my brain is about to run out of idea's for it. So unless someone wants to adopt Friday's Focus I know I am up for something new and different that could take it's play for a while.

A couple of thoughts on it for you.

1. I would prefer a totally different name for it. I don't want to plagiarize someone else's phrase.

2. I have never cussed or sworn in my whole life, and I know the "e" is only meant to be a funny substitute for "u" and well, I know what the real intent of the word was supposed to be. So humor me please on that. :) Knowing a bit about the Scottish, I can see where it would be a funny twist of a word for them, just not for me. :) (I know I am weird)

So see what else you could come up with for a name, and let's see what others think, but I am sure everyone would love a chance to do something different. It's a really great exercise to do so, as it will help us to get out of our comfort zones.


Ben Egbert

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Jim I have a lot of respect for Amy and I like her idea but I have to agree with you on the title. Shows disrespect


I love the idea of some serendipity but have to concur on the naming. It doesn't bother me in the slightest but I can see how it might not appeal to all.
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