Friday's Focus - 2019/09/19 - California


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Mono Lake (in the background) 2015

Half of Half Dome

The Rim Fire. 2013, also (one of) the year(s) of the government shutdown(s). We were allowed to stay one night in Yosemite, then the park was closed. Spotted this sign on the way down to San Fran to spend the rest of the week.

Tenaya Canyon 2011


Ken Rennie

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It is very interesting looking at this post. I know that California has huge mountains and areas of wilderness but your images really bring this home to me. For me, growing up, California was only about surfing and LA. As I got older my knowledge increased but it was still the viewpoint that the media showed me and it was still very far away from the views that you have shown here. Ken

Darcy Grizzle

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Return to Freedom, San Luis Obispo, Ca. The horse is from Cold Creek, she is named Aniline and was born in 2012. She was rounded up in 2018 and was released into Sanctuary 9.14.19.


These two boys are also from Cold Creek, rounded up in 2018 and released with Aniline the same day!


Aniline & the two boys with a couple of onlookers :)

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