Friday's Focus - 2019/11/22 - Snow


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I was walking the dogs in the morning and this fence was completely wrapped in snow and ice which looked really neat but just didn't come out in the photos. Well, later in the day I wanted to go check the fence again when the light was a little better. As it turned out, the snow had completely frozen and was actually hanging about an inch from the fence. I just thought it was really neat to see so I thought I would add it to Friday's Focus since it's related to snow.


Ken Rennie

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Snow at a famous location, this is Hadrian's Wall built between ADD 122 and AD128. Originally 80 miles long, 15ft high by 10ft wide but lots of the stones have been removed and used in local buildings from farmhouses to Lanercost Abbey 12thC. Lots of people walk the length of the wall across the North of England from the Irish sea to the North Sea. A couple of years ago my wife walked it in 3 days, I couldn't as my knees complain after 10 miles and never 2 days in a row. Ken
dawn on the wall.jpg


I like the sunrise illumination on the wall. Nice viewpoint to to get some interesting leading lines into the scene with the stonework.

A lot of Roman period walls and architecture have suffered a similar fate - they are a great source of building materials all nicely aggregated in one spot to satisfy current construction needs.
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