Friday's Focus - 2020/10/30 - Spooky

Kyle Jones

Well, since tomorrow is Halloween I figured that something spooky would be in order. The image itself could be spooky or something about the experience taking it could have been. I'll start with one of each...

1) The image isn't spooky, but while hiking down the trail in the dark I saw two eyes glowing in the dark. I knew there were bears spotted in the area that day so my pulse jumped. It turned out to be a deer...
3073 Sunset from Sentinal Dome_850.jpg

2) God beams and storm clouds over the Armageddon Valley - of course Armageddon is spooky!
0457 Mt Precipice Beams_850.jpg


I have a couple of images for this one.

First - from First Beach at the town of LaPush. A scene I encountered on a very cold fall morning that begged for a serendipity capture. I have no clue what the context was for this beachfront offering:

These next two were art pieces seen at the Oregon Country Fair:

Metal Monsters:


A classic for the season:



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Very cool Kyle. Great photos and a spooky tale.

I think this Focus will cause some thinking to be required.


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Good one Kyle, and glowing eyes looking at you in the dark is always spooky. LOL

My wife says this image reminds her of a volcano erupting, and I guess that would be spooky. After a storm had past the Ortiz Mountains.

These next two are not spooky, but if you know the UFO history that has gone on in the past here in NM. Being at the VLA by myself watching the sun go down in a very remote part of the mountains that are near there. It was a little spooky.

One from the archives that I found after posting this series. And it fits perfectly with this Fridays focus. :)
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