Gullfoss at Sunset

Kyle Jones

Here's a view of Gullfoss from up above the falls. The wind was howling - not only did I hang my bag from my tripod, I also had to increase the ISO to 400 to minimize the shutter speed and hold the tripod down with my body weight. I took a few shots and then moved closer to the falls, which was the composition I was after (and also more sheltered). You can see those shots here, which coincidentally enough was the genesis of our waterfall Wednesday threads.

So here's the view from the top. Any thoughts are welcome.

4956 Gullfoss Sunset_850.jpg


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This is awesome looking Kyle. It’s sweet seeing from this view, it’s quite different and worth the effort.


Nice to see this side of the scene. Sounds like some challenging shooting conditions.

You are correct about the origins of Waterfall Wednesday - it was almost a year ago you posted that (8/30) and I started the waterfall threads the following Wednesday.


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Beautiful Image Kyle, Love the Lighting and Water's Color and You can almost see the Power in
the Falls.

Take Care,



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You get a very good sense of the power of this fall from this perspective and your SS.
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